Match your Risk and Compliance Bundled Together in ESOF GRC All-in-One Solution

Today companies and their business architectures cannot be managed and orchestrated as before. Bedsides increase in their size, their responsibilities towards their products, services, compliance, security, market, and the consumer gets monumented along with the challenges of sustainability and growth. 

Amid reducing uncertainties, optimizing resourcing, establishing business strategies their emerges one of the crucial components of trade in business namely GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance)

The GRC model is an approach to provide organizations the confidence to carry out commercial business activities, operations, and functions without exceeding regulatory limits.

A Brief into Governance, Risk, and Compliance

#Governance – 

The frameworks of an organization’s activities and whether or not they are aligned with business objectives. Activities include the processes, structures, and policies designed to manage and monitor the activities of the company. 

It is more of ethical management of an organization by its leaders in accordance with approved business plans and strategies.

#Risk – 

An ongoing process for addressing risks and mitigating them through controls, as well as ensuring they are managed in accordance with established policies. It includes the measurement, evaluation, prioritization, containment, supervision, and identification of risks to minimize their impact that would hinder its operations and to control them to foster security-related operations. 

#Compliance – 

Assurance that an organization’s activities are conducted in accordance with laws and regulations. It regulates with adherence to the standards, policies, and best practices made obligatory for the business by relevant governing bodies and laws.

Leading and managing an enterprise, especially in this digital age, is by definition a complex problem. The involvement of making smart business decisions, assessing financing strategies, orchestrating risk and compliance, managing internal/external processes and actions, handling the acquisition of personnel and resources, etc. sums up to the responsibility of accomplishing a jungle of goals.

In such a scenario, businesses seek an ideal solution that embeds all these segments of business expansion together, meeting legal commitments and regulations with minimal intervention of the teams.

Understanding the need for security of business assets and architecture along with meeting the new mandatory and voluntary requirements and commitments of G governance, Risk, and Compliance that an organization must honor, TAC brings ESOF VMDR that reduces the burden of managing risks and vulnerabilities along with complying with multiple and overlapping rules and standards.

ESOF VMDR: Match Your Risk & Compliance Checklist with a Next-Gen Cybersecurity Solution

Recognizing the business case of GRC, ESOF VMDR presses to improve risk visibility, aligning efforts towards management and priorities of vulnerabilities found in a business network, thus, allowing the company to act quickly and decisively.

The platform integrates GRC with risk and vulnerability management to enable enterprises to enhance their enterprise-wide visibility of security of business assets and IT networks via identifying, monitoring, assessing, prioritizing, and thus, mitigating them in real-time.

The company, being updated with the latest GRC rules and standards, can improve its performance and decision-making efficiency, staying in line with the business objectives. 

ESOF VMDR’s GRC Solution is Economical, Nimble, and Worth-Investing!

With organizations struggling with timely audits and meeting compliance requisites, ESOF VMDR strategic intelligence allows getting audits done in half-time with cent percent accurate results, making it a preferred choice among many over comparing features of efficiency and costs. 


ESOF GRC dashboards are easy to utilize and comprehend. They permit you rapidly see the review results with a history of audits including IS, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001 which deal with the security of digital assets and data; for example, financial data and representative subtleties of the association.

#Oversee Compliance/Non-Compliance and Audit cycle

The ESOF software application will lessen the time you want to fulfill the compliance objectives and control guidance advice. 

#Determine, Monitor, and Respond to your Vulnerabilities and Risks

Improve on the risk initiatives to simplify the use of wizard with risk workflows and processes.

#Oversee Cyber Risks Effectively

Effectively pre-qualified assess and direct remediation to keep checking and track the risks and threats

So What is the Wait For? 

Create business-oriented, process-based workflows to analyze and treat risk;

integrate risk information and workflows into the daily and operational tools,

make risk and compliance accessible to anyone through automation only through the next-gen vulnerability management platform of ESOF VMDR.

Try ESOF VMDR to Manage your entire IT Infrastructure on a Single Platform.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

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