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A Unified Vulnerability Management Solution to Detect & Protect your Web and App Assets from risk-based vulnerabilities.

Power-Driven by the ESOF Cloud Platform

web application security

Comprehensive Scan

Powered by advanced technologies, the ESOF AppSec Scanners perform Black Box and Grey Box Testing to accurate app test results.

web application security

Intelligence-Powered Application Scanning

Deep scans enabled within the ESOF AppSec software make use of cyber threat intelligence to provide detailed information of web, mobile, and API vulnerabilities in addition to malware discovery.

Coverage of OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 Vulnerabilities

Get all the application vulnerabilities validated by OWASP and SANS detected, scanned, patched, and rescanned automatically within the platform to ensure the protection of your application systems.

SDLC Embedded with Security

Apart from being compliance-ready, let your apps undergo penetration tests throughout the entire Agile or DevSecOps lifecycle to get them rid of flaws, thereby, veiling every endpoint from where they can be inherited into the IT network.

ESOF AppSec Features

Scheduled Scans

Scans can be scheduled for daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually, or yearly, and can be done immediately after acquiring the ESOF AppSec License

Zero False Positives

Our next-generation scanning engine discovers all vulnerabilities for the in-scope assets. We evaluate in detail the attack surface of the assigned assets by automated and manual testing and provide evidence of the vulnerabilities found.

Vulnerability Timeline

The ESOF-AppSec vulnerability timeline gives you visibility of all open and patched vulnerabilities since the initial scan so you can focus on immediate threats to your business and align your teams for efficient mitigation results.

ESOF Cyber Risk Score

ESOF’s Cyber Risk Score helps to measure the risk of your application with the help of artificial intelligence and provides a single score that allows you to explain the security posture to business owners and reduce the cyber risk on a real-time basis.

Top 10 Vulnerabilities and Top 10 Vulnerable Applications

We solve one of the frustrations with finding too many vulnerabilities. ESOF-AppSec provides a standard report of the Top 10 Vulnerable Applications Vulnerabilities based on the number and the severity found. This helps to align the organization to use its resources effectively.

History Trend

ESOF’s history reporting helps you present the improvement and the progress of the organization’s IT Security posture from the day it was onboarded, with up to 5 years of history.

ESOF AppSec Highlights

Scheduled Scans

The platform enables scheduled scanning for web and app systems on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi/annually basis, once acquired with ESOF AppSec Licence.

Zero False Positives

The leading edge scanning mechanism discovers all potential vulnerable risks for the assets and analyzes their attack surface, keeping an option of automated as well as manual testing.

Vulnerability Timeline

The ESOF AppSec vulnerability timeline renders enhanced observability over the open and patched threats encountered since the first scan to allow teams to take immediate actions on probable business threats and their mitigation procedures.

ESOF Cyber Risk Score

Get luminous visibility over the risk measurement of your applications with the ESOF’s Cyber Risk Score powered by AI that is enough to get a comprehensive explanation of the security posture of an organization.

Top 10 Vulnerabilities and Top 10 Vulnerable Applications

The modernity of the platform expands itself to deliver a detailed and segmented report of the Top 10 Vulnerable Applications Vulnerabilities along with their severity of risks found to make resource alignment and allocation a worthy investment.

History Trend

Discover up to 5 years of history of your enterprise’s IT Security stance that transparency demonstrates the improvement, growth, and success rate from day one of onboarding.

With ESOF AppSec’s Extensive Range of Web Application Security Testing,

Rest Assured of Compliance, DevSecOps Improvement, and Business Security.

Web Application Testing

Our exhaustive penetrating testing is well-targeted in discovering threats and dangers to the applications and acts deliberately over the inadvertent actions and exposure points, thereby, closing loops for any exploitation type.

Mobile Application Testing

Our all-in-one solution guarantees to test applications in static and dynamic environments across both iOS and Android devices and detect privacy issues and security loopholes, scanning the entire mobile app source code.

Source Code Review

An array of human inspections and automated reviews, together ensure and make certain the augmentation of the source code security by identifying weaknesses across the entire code, and thus, eliminating security flaws and business logic errors.

Looking for Manual Application Penetration Testing?

End your search for self-assessment and external assessment of your applications via our all-in-one ESOF AppSec solution combined with professional services that can serve with Penetration Testing, Business Logic Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, and much more.

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