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A modern vulnerability management program is quintessential for an enterprise as on average it harbors a myriad of cyber vulnerabilities to its IT network and stack, knowingly or unknowingly.

Vulnerability management is an ongoing process that continuously stresses safeguarding the security posture of an organization with proactive discovery, evaluation, prioritization, and remediation of risks and vulnerabilities.

While all these individual aspects are necessary to protect the business’s modern IT attack surface from cyber exposure, prioritization of the risks found associated with the security infrastructure plays a crucial role in determining the efficiencies of the security systems as well as the well-resourced teams to mitigate every vulnerability.

Do you know?

On average, an organization can expect to patch only 1 in 10 of the risks found within its environment, says a research report.

Furthermore, a survey conducted by TAC Security over finding and analyzing risks within the entire network also proves that there lacks a streamlined and systematic approach to evaluate and prioritize cyber threats prior to taking actions for appropriate remediation.

Forms response chart. Question title: How do you know if your organization is at risk of a breach?. Number of responses: 102 responses.

This pie chart reveals that a majority of the security leaders, 40.2%, review the risk and vulnerability report to know whether any probable vulnerabilities are posed to their digital assets. And the following high proportion merely relies on dashboard data that might showcase limited insights into identifying and assessing crucial vulnerabilities that might disrupt the security posture with the lack of valuable data presented to the administrative teams via their software.

Forms response chart. Question title: How many tools do you use for finding and managing vulnerabilities across your organization?. Number of responses: 102 responses.

The next one shows that in this modern age, still, the security managers rely on multiple tools to find and orchestrate dangers found within their hybrid security infrastructure where the minimum number of tools used by maximum (47.1%) surveyed individuals were two and 23.5% of the populace made use of more than three separate tools to extract data on the vulnerabilities severities that revolve around a business’s IT landscape.

These unpredictable data statistics prove how crucial and essential it is for companies to accommodate vulnerability management and prioritization techniques as the risk profile of assets is highly dynamic and changes over time with advancements in technology.

Analyzing the real-time data captured through the people’s survey, TAC Security introduced some advanced features in its Enterprise Security in One Framework for Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (ESOF VMDR) platform to accommodate new and budding security risks in the age of zero trust.

Earlier, breaking the traditional security norms, ESOF added the prioritization procedure in the vulnerability management process which merely included identifying, assessing, and mitigating the potential risks. However, with advancements in technology, ESOF was transitioned to ESOF VMDR which facilitates auto-prioritization of the detected critical threats to reduce the intention of material risks to the IT infrastructure.  

Auto-Prioritization of Vulnerabilities Advances Towards Meaningful Prioritization

The effectiveness of vulnerability management prioritization ties itself with a laser focus to scan for vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threats to the security posture. The auto-prioritization of vulnerabilities feature within the ESOF VMDR application oversees asset vulnerability reporting and visualization with automated scans that prioritize the risks and vulnerabilities found based on their severity level.

ESOF VMDR’s Auto-prioritization of Risks Feature Facilitates

  • To center the focus of security teams towards immediate threats that need mitigation and allows them to prepare themselves for efficient mitigation results using insightful data to take strategic actions to ameliorate the security posture.
  • The automated scans that output valuable data for prioritization are well-segmented and sorted which can be further made to categorize the prioritization of vulnerabilities based on the business group and type.
  • The software has a ‘Prioritize Setting List’ section that helps the security leaders to view the list and delete it if required. 

Understand the True Context and Level of Risks with ESOF VMDR!

Without the aid of an ultra-modern vulnerability management prioritization solution, it would be difficult to address a multitude of inquiries to appropriately evaluate and assess the risks and weaknesses posed to the amplified threat environment. 

With access to the right platform of ESOF VMDR, vulnerability management in the age of zero trust can be handled effectively and efficiently embedded with the power of AI and ML. The software is integrated with vulnerability and threat intel that weighs high to augment your organization’s tolerance for orchestrating risks and vulnerabilities.

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