A unified risk metric stated in financial terms any executive can understand.

Cyber risk described in financial terms 

Empower your organization to proactively manage cyber risk with ESOF CRQ’s precise financial risk assessment. Stay ahead of potential threats and confidently make informed decisions using diverse data sources.​

Better decision making and action to reduce risk faster

Using hard dollar impacts from not addressing risk makes it easier for management to decide so that risks are addressed faster​

Introducing ESOF CRQ

With ESOF CRQ’s defendable dollar-value assessment of financial risk due to cyber-attacks, you can improve your board’s decision-making process and stay ahead of potential risks. ​

Designed to assist YOU to minimize substantial risk:​

  • For CXOs and BOD members ​
  • CISOs and CROs ​
  • Cyber insurance underwriters​

Why Choose ESOF CRQ

  • Unify your risk and vulnerability data from multiple sources in a single platform (VMP)​
  • Explain risk in dollars based on  underlying technical data​
  • Communicate cyber risks internally and externally in terms the business understands​
Eliminate financial risk with ESOF CRQ’s comprehensive cybersecurity analysis – Request your demo now!

Answer the BOD question, “How much will it cost us if we have a breach?”​

Express the risk in a quantifiable manner that executives can comprehend and relate to.

Evolve from technical charts and graphs they don’t understand​

Convey the potential financial impact of cyber risk into a dollar amount that executives can grasp and evaluate.

Use financial estimates based on industry standard calculation

risk($)= (breach likelihood x Impact)+Application tier​

Radically less time consuming and economical

Provide executives with tools and resources to make informed decisions that mitigate financial risk.

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