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This document explains the various types of cookies that might register on the TAC Security cloud Platform and TAC website( and This document complements the Privacy Policy.

How we use cookies and what options you have

When you use a TAC Security Website with your browser settings calibrated to accept cookies, you agree to TAC’s use of cookies and other tools to provide the services and products offered there. If you would like to adjust your browser to give a notification to you when you get a new cookie or to impair cookies ultimately, please look into the managing cookies below.

How do we use Cookies.?

Cookies are compact text files situated on your Web browser when you visit our website or see the advertisements we have positioned on other websites. Moreover, cookies enable your browser to remember some particular details that the web server can later recover and utilize. When you leave your browser, cookies are reserved in your computer’s cache, while some are expired or vanish.

Cookies are mainly used to enhance your experience with our website. A few examples of this would be:

  • To enhance website protection by “validating” (i.e., certifying that you are who you say you are) when you log in to our site.
  • Keep a record of your identified preferences like languages, time zone, and timeouts after intervals of immobility.
  • To enable you to maneuver our sites more easily by “recalling” your specifications so that you do not have to input your password several times as you shift between pages or services.

Other than the administrative uses, we may also make use of cookies in one or more the consecutive ways, reckoning on the website you are using:

  • Manage research and inquiry to boost your websites and our products and services. It includes assembling analytical data regarding the frequency that is useful for your website, visited pages, and stay duration.
  • To display TAC advertisements when you visit the websites of mediators with whom we have marketing engagements and to help us measure the cogency of our advertising endeavor. In addition, third-party may gather the details related to your use of other websites and give us anonymous information about you(like demographic details, etc.), which we can use to provide you with more precise and convenient advertising.

This paragraph applies to only Our site makes use of the third parties to serve advertisements which are already given above. You may use these cookies to share the data with the marketers so that the ads you see are more appropriate and are of your interest. In addition, they will enable you to share explicit pages with social networks or allow you to post comments on our website.

So, if you want more details about this process and learn how to opt-out of it on the specific device you are acquiring this Privacy and Cookies policy, please visit Also, please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on collecting and using personally identifiable information.

The help option on the menu bar of maximum browser from acquiring new cookies, how to have the browser can inform you when you get a new cookie and how to impair cookies altogether. Additionally, you can immobilize or delete similar data used by browser add-ons, such as Flash cookies, changing the add-on’s settings, or viewing the website of its manufacturer.

 Our site operates “functionality cookies” that help the site remember your settings and priorities for use when you revisit the website. Also, it provides a more custom-fit and satisfying user experience. These cookies store details in various places. On the other websites using functionality cookies, you will find a “Delete Cookies” function on every page that allows you to delete these cookies totally from your device. If you diminish cookies, you might experience decreased functionality for websites using the identification-linked cookie. Diminishing cookies will save you from using the website completely. To learn more about what cookies are stowed on your computer as you surf the web and how to control or delete them, visit the below-given link for your particular browser.

Cloud Services

AC Cloud Services use 1st party cookies (set by the website being visited).

1st party cookies

The Site

1st party cookies

3rd party cookies

Cookie Vendor NameDescriptionExpirationType
Google AdsGoogle Advertising
HubspotRecords last visit and activity, analyzes browsing activity across sites to establish user profile
Linkedin Ads
Google AnalyticsWeb Traffic Tracking
Google TAG Manager

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