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Industry Awards and Recognitions

We're proud of the awards we have received, here are some of the accomplishments.

"By 2022, cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of business relationships."

Gartner, "Innovation Insight for Security Rating Services", Sam Olyaei, Christopher Ambrose, Jeffrey Wheatman, 27 July 2018

Source: By 2022, cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of business relationships - Gartner

Vulnerability Management

How ESOF Works?

An insight into next generations security orchestra platform - Enterprise Security in One Framework.

security rating

Data On - boarding

- App Scan Tool Integration
- Infra Scanning Tool Integration
- Penetration Testing Report
- Security Audit Report

ESOF Engine

ESOF uses remediation playbooks to prioritize the risk of your business and gives you an accurate result along with a cyber-risk scoring based on the help of AI and machine learning, while it helps in saving time.

information technology asset management

Tech Assets Data

Database Assessment Reports -
Configuration Assessment Report -
Source Code Bugs -
Policy Review -

security rating

Cyber Score

An Artificial Intelligent Algorithm calculates the score based on the type, severity and total number of vulnerabilities found.

ESOF's remediation

Intelligent Remediation

ESOF's remediation playbook helps an organization to automate the process of presenting the tailored remediations while improving the security posture.

vulnerability risk management


ESOF enables an organization to quickly present the most critical assets and vulnerabilities exisiting that helps to prioritize and enable a rapid mitigation.

ESOF application


With no bar of access various threats in cyber space allow your application to be susceptible. The mechanism to fight it has to be strong and needs to be monitored in real time.

TAC Security engineers not only penetrates your app but also helps in tailored remediation to mitigate the risk of your applications.

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BBC World news
Trishneet Arora, CEO, TAC Security Live on BBC World News

TAC Security Founder Trishneet Arora deliberate about his journey to present, his secret of success, his clients and future plans with BBC World News.

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