How to Ensure Peoples’ Security and Assets’ Security Together?

Personal data of users, employees, or a company is a subject of security and protection concern where all these three entities, at a point, are responsible for safeguarding their information being mindful of the web threats and fraudulent activities prevalent in this digital age.

Guaranteed confidentiality of data requires the adoption of the necessary security measures by each at their individual levels even after they end their relationships. 

Moreover, as more consumers become resigned to the fact that their private information is being collected by private enterprises, government authorities warn organizations to react responsibly and take every precautious step to keep user data safe.


How does an enterprise ensure to keep its user data protected and shielded?

What role do the employees of the company play in smartly countering the attacks of hackers?

How well do the security personnel prioritizes data protection?

Do remotely working employees more reliable than those who work in the office?

With these in mind, TAC Security presents a single umbrella platform, ESOF VMDR, that is bolstered by advanced Artificial Intelligence technology and is designed to orchestrate Data Privacy and Vulnerability Management to lower the attempts of global data exploitation and breaches.

Enterprise Security in One Framework for Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (ESOF VMDR) helps to align diverse teams, run multiple drill-downs, thus, effectively managing data risks and vulnerabilities within and outside your business IT infrastructure all through a single platform view.

How Does the ESOF VMDR Ensure People’s Security?

ESOF VMDR facilitates data-centric security and data-driven risk and vulnerability management, ensuring the security of digital assets accessed by company professionals, at different levels. 

1. Endpoint Security

The platform makes sure to have an effective endpoint as well as network and email security that blocks malware, spam, and other unsafe types of files from being downloaded/accessed from the critical and vulnerable endpoints.

2. Email Security 

ESOF VMDR automatically informs employees to be wary of emails, particularly those with attachments, and to report any suspicious attachments or emails to the IT Security department to take necessary actions before an intrusion takes place.

3. Patch Management

With robust patch assessment and management techniques, the ESOF VMDR software makes sure the operating system, as well as software, are current with the latest security patches.

4. Remote Device Control

With a smart device control planning, the all-in-one platform monitor and regulate the use of removable storage devices by employees (either working on premise or remotely). 

Not only does this helps to stop unwanted data from entering the security network of an enterprise through the prevention of data loss (DLP), but also aid to keep personal identifiable data (PII) as well as IP (IP) information from being leaking out, breached, or exploited by cyber criminals. 

5. Custom Phishing Campaign Execution

One of the unique and significant aspect of data security covered by the automated software is to offer customizing phishing campaigns as per the business requirements to know much the staff of the organization is aware about reacting to deceitful information sent in the name of the company.

Such bespoke phishing campaigns are created to check the awareness level of the employees working internally/externally on the business network as at the majority of times, team members innocently assume that they’re taking genuine actions/steps against security threats.

It is seen that remote employees leave companies open to more security holes than they realize, unknowingly or unknowingly both-wise. Thus, every professional working with the organization is under the radar of ESOF VMDR and provides the administration team with a People Score that collectively and individually outputs a score based on the calculative analysis on the percentage of employees who revealed private information.

6. Insights into People Score 

People score is a calculative figure reported by the AI-powered ESOF VMDR software application that renders insights into the exposure of data enabled by the people of the organization with different responsible roles.

It predicts a score that shows an accumulative number of people who shared the company’s information (in the context of the execution of phishing campaigns) along with the kind of data shared so that appropriate actions be taken against personnel to groom them with safeguarding crucial and sensitive enterprise information.

People Score allows the IT teams to know how aware and informed the working professions of the company are to be one step ahead of the hackers who intent to capture business information on illegal terms. ESOF VMDR also calculates the score on an individual basis, demosntrating every minutiae detail shared by the employee to known or unknown parties.

This helps the organizations to segment the staff who is less proficient in their knowledge and intelligence on securing the company’s significant data and put them on training/special programs for learning appropriate security measures against unauthorized or deceitful emails or spam.

ESOF VMDR Manages Asset Security and People’s Security Under a Single Umbrella App!

People’s Awareness and People’s Security towards a business’s assets is inevitable in maintaining and safeguarding its security posture, despite the presence of advanced software systems. 

Companies must test and evaluate the knowledge of team members periodically to determine their wisdom towards judging and determining potential cyberattacks. ESOF VMDR is a modern approach to shape risk-based vulnerability assessment and management that aids the IT Security teams to keep close eyes on its people and their abilities to counter cyberattacks along with orchestrating asset security lifecycle.

Next-Gen Vulnerability Management is the need of the hour, so end your search to find an ideal solution for Enterprise Security and Vulnerability Management with ESOF VMDR. 

Try ESOF VMDR to Manage your entire IT Infrastructure on a Single Platform.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

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