An attack on Rackspace’s Exchange system has been confirmed as Ransomware

attack on rackspace's exchange system

On Tuesday, Rackspace, a Texas-based cloud computing provider, confirmed that a Ransomware attack is at an Exchange outage as an “isolated Disruption.”

The cloud service provider announced the attack on Tuesday morning. A “security incident” has caused outages in Rackspace’s Hosted Exchange environment, which Rackspace announced on Saturday. Rackspace has revealed that a ransomware attack was their extended email outage that agitates customer services.

According to Rackspace, the intrusion targeted its hosted Exchange businesses; Rackspace Email and its other offerings were unaffected. However, the company still needs to determine which customer data is affected. If they find out the customer’s delicate information got affected, they’ll inform them. 

Previously, in its announcement, Rackspace encouraged customers to migrate their users and domains to Microsoft 365 but did not provide a timeline for bringing back hosted Exchange. Rackspace Technology’s other products and services are entirely in operation, and they have not faced any whack to their Email product line and platform.

The spokesperson from Rackspace said in the Press Release that the ransomware incident might result in a loss of revenue for its Hosted Exchange business, which generates annually $30 million in revenue in the Apps and Cross-platform segments. Furthermore, Rackspace Technology may incur incremental costs due to the incident response.”

All the services under Rackspace outage still influence the Hostage exchange Environment, which includes MAPI/RPC, POP, IMAP, SMTP, Active Sync, and OWA (Outlook Web Access)interface that retrieves online email management. A twenty-four-hour period after the outage began, Rackspace revealed that it was caused by a security incident that was isolated to a portion of its Hosted Exchange platform.

Dangers of Ransomware

In today’s time, ransomware is an expanding threat as it’s one of the most beneficial processes a cyber attacker can go through. Companies face more dangers from ransomware than their bottom lines. 

As per TAC Security’s report on the ransomware data leaks 82% hike is there in 2021. Other than the monetary losses, the companies on target can lose their customers’ or clients’ data and trust.

Ransomware protection with ESOF VAPT

ESOF VAPT (vulnerability Assessment penetration testing) prevents your entire organization’s data from the latest ransomware attacks. Also, it prevents your system data from being affected because of a ransomware attack and how it has affected the internal network. TAC Security’s ESOF Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing allows you to identify and auto-prioritize all the vulnerabilities.

  • Identifies assets that are susceptible to ransomware
  • Discovers the security flaws that the ransomware attack can dodge
  • Eliminate the effect of ransomware attacks
  • Making your enterprise less vulnerable to ransomware
  • There are significant operational shortcomings in managing ransomware-related risks.

Preventing attacks before they occur is dependent on DevSecOps culture. ESOF VAPT services take actionable steps in detecting and fixing vulnerabilities. Besides, it remediates risks, creating a slayer defense posture and attaining protective ability.

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