Secure IT Infrastructure is the Backbone of a Secure Organization

Secure IT Infrastructure is the Backbone of a Secure Organization

Today, it is so common to see how malware, spyware, and ransomware affect a business and cause it to lose billions of dollars. While there are many who ignore the potential of an IT team that is responsible for the overall security of the global IT network and infrastructure there are a few who are concerned about an enterprise’s IT pain points and digital facilities.

In the digital era, no enterprise can afford to miss on strengthening its business infrastructure and abandon its importance as it forms the basis of its expansion and development on global grounds. 

“IT Infrastructure is the spine of a Business’s Security!”

IT infrastructure management is crucial to make smart and informed decisions and is inevitable to keep the situation of service disruption at bay. Having the support of an IT infrastructure to maintain, upgrade, protect and expand a business’s technological landscape is already a critical step in corporate evolution, and this is closely realized by TAC Security.

Its next-gen solution to modern vulnerability management, ESOF VMDR, ideally strengthens the base of an IT infrastructure and enhances the virtual protection of a company through its single platform.

It goes without saying that investing in AI-based ESOF Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (ESOF VMDR) not only prevents unfortunate losses and devastating incidents for a business but also establishes a comprehensive security management system that will shield a company from the threats that abound on the internet.

How does ESOF VMDR Safeguard your Business’s IT Landscape?

Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to affect a business exploiting its security space but TAC’s Enterprise Security in One Framework has designed an updated and advanced single platform solution to counteract their attacks, which is certain to prevent the loss of sensitive and crucial data, thus, synthesizing a company’s operations and protecting customer information.

One of the vital aspects that make up the IT infrastructure is the maintenance and the way of saving the digital information through reliable software, ESOF VMDR fulfills this requirement, offering enormous added advantages to safeguard the security posture of a business.

ESOF VMDR’s Majors Attributes to Manages IT Risks in the Age of Zero Trust 

#Predictable Cyber Risk Score

The prevalent Cloud-Integrated tools are not neatly designed to display the status of the security posture of a company’s digital assets; nonetheless, ESOF VMDR examines risks and displays a single score of their severity and auto-prioritize as per the SLAs metrics.

This helps to secure the IT infra as per the vulnerability assessment to avoid the situation of data loss even before it occurs.

#Automated Prioritization 

On identifying and assessing the risks, the next step in the ESOF VMDR cycle is to prioritize the vulnerabilities found on each asset of the global business network as per the cyber score marked against them.

Unlike other tools, the single platform solution of ESOF’s Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response eliminates the incompetence of recognizing and prioritizing web dangers that pose major risks to the enterprise’s digital assets.

#Intelligent Response and Remediation

Threats, vulnerabilities identification, and intel analysis are continuously conducted by the ESOF VMDR to prioritize exploitable risks and detect the latest superseding patch for the vulnerable asset.

The real-time threat intelligence and ML models respond quickly to the most critical vulnerabilities found of significant assets found within the company’s IT landscape.

#Effective Patching

After auto- prioritizing vulnerabilities by risk, ESOF VMDR rapidly re-scans targeted assets and notify each team about the stats of prioritized assets. 

This further reduces the possible vulnerabilities to be handled by the operations team, thus, leveraging the remediation process.

#Threat Intel and Zero-Day Vulnerability

The modern architecture of the ESOF VMDR platform allows the IT team to be informed about the latest data breaches worldwide while correlating your business data to determine similar weaknesses within the IT infrastructure.

This helps teams to gain knowledge of any zero-day risk associated with the assets and scale data points to make decisions on assets prevalent on the pan IT network.

Final Considerations

The IT infrastructure is one of the bases for the proper functioning of a company. It is important to have onboard a robust tool that manages the IT infrastructure of a business with the least human intervention and orchestrates the entire vulnerability management process under one umbrella.

Look no further, ESOF VMDR is a dedicated software tool powered by Artificial Intelligence and gives a new definition and shape to the present model of Vulnerability Management.

Try ESOF VMDR to Manage your entire IT Infrastructure on a Single Platform.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

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