TAC Security Focuses on AI-Powered ESOF VMP’s Cyber Risk Quantification Tool to Assist Companies with Upcoming SEC Cyber Risk Compliance

As public companies face the ticking clock to meet the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) new cybersecurity regulations, TAC Security is at the forefront of offering a reliable solution. With only five months to meet these critical requirements, companies now have a groundbreaking resource in TAC Security’s AI-driven Risk-based Vulnerability Management – ESOF (Enterprise Security in One Framework) Cyber Risk Quantification Tool.

Recognizing the stringent compliance timeline and the need for a consolidated and coherent response, TAC Security is offering the ESOF tool, aiming to help businesses:

In response to the heightened need for a unified and agile approach, TAC Security’s ESOF tool offers companies the ability to:

Evaluate their current cyber risk postures and spot areas of improvement.

Quantify the real-world implications of potential cyber threats.

Foresee and proactively counter possible cyber vulnerabilities.

Demonstrate a fortified cyber defense mechanism to protect stakeholders’ interests.

Translate technical cybersecurity metrics into board-friendly financial terms.

SEC’s latest mandate, detailed in its FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2023-139, underscores the need for public companies to disclose significant cybersecurity incidents promptly. Moreover, on an annual basis, they need to provide material data about their cybersecurity risk management, strategy, and governance, setting a new benchmark in corporate transparency and investor protection.

Chris Fisher, CMO of TAC Security, stated, “The recent SEC regulations emphasize the urgent need for businesses to be transparent and proactive in their cybersecurity approach. With our AI-based VM – ESOF tool, we aim to simplify the compliance process for companies while providing them with a robust risk quantification system.”

In this context, Trishneet Arora, Founder & CEO of TAC Security, shares, “Our foresight led us to introduce the Cyber Risk Quantification Tool on our ESOF Solution in May during the esteemed Black Hat Conference in Singapore, even before the SEC announcement in July. As early as 2021, we projected our aim for TAC Security to emerge as the predominant player in Vulnerability Management by 2025. Our current trajectory aligns seamlessly with this vision. With the inclusion of the ESOF PCI ASV tool, we’re melding compliance solutions around Vulnerability Management, placing us closer to our 2025 objective. We’re not just about vulnerability detection; we aim for holistic solutions on a singular platform, whether it’s Risk & Vulnerability Assessment, Management, or Cybersecurity Compliances. Remarkably, our ESOF was among the inaugural Risk-based VM solutions to possess an intrinsic cyber risk quantification feature. This innovative feature adeptly translates cybersecurity insights into financial metrics, streamlining board communications.”

As companies grapple with evolving regulations, TAC Security remains dedicated to supporting businesses in harmonizing cybersecurity best practices with their regulatory responsibilities.

TAC Security’s focus is unwavering. As businesses grapple with new regulations, the company is offering its advanced tool as the answer to navigating the challenges of cybersecurity and SEC compliance.

About TAC Security:

TAC Security is a global leader in vulnerability management, helping businesses stay ahead of security threats. With its AI-driven tools and solutions, the company is transforming the way businesses approach cybersecurity, making it more coherent, accessible, and compliant.

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