ESOF AppSec: The Comprehensive Solution for Application Security

safegaurd your applications form cyber attacks with ESOF

In today’s digital age, securing your applications is crucial to protecting your business from cyber threats. With the increasing frequency and complexity of attacks, it’s more important than ever to have a comprehensive solution in place to safeguard your applications. That’s where ESOF AppSec, offered by TAC Security, comes in. 

ESOF AppSec is a unified vulnerability management solution that detects and protects your web and app assets from risk-based vulnerabilities. Powered by the ESOF Cloud Platform, it offers a range of features to ensure the security of your applications. 

Comprehensive Scan: ESOF AppSec’s advanced scanning technologies perform black box and grey box testing to provide accurate app test results. This enables you to identify all potential vulnerabilities and take corrective measures to protect your applications. 

Intelligence-Powered Application Scanning: ESOF AppSec uses cyber threat intelligence to provide detailed information on web, mobile, and API vulnerabilities in addition to malware discovery. This ensures that all possible threats are identified and remediated. 

Coverage of OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 Vulnerabilities: ESOF AppSec detects, scans, patches, and rescans all application vulnerabilities validated by OWASP and SANS. This ensures that your applications are compliant with industry standards and protected against known vulnerabilities. 

SDLC Embedded with Security: ESOF AppSec integrates security into the Agile or DevSecOps lifecycle to ensure that your applications are free from flaws and vulnerabilities at every stage. This ensures that your applications are secure and compliant with regulatory requirements. 

Scheduled Scans: With ESOF AppSec, you can schedule scans for web and app systems on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi/annually basis. This ensures that your applications are continuously monitored and any new vulnerabilities are identified and remediated. 

ESOF Cyber Risk Score: ESOF AppSec provides a comprehensive explanation of your organization’s security posture through its Cyber Risk Score powered by AI. This enables you to measure the risk of your applications and take proactive measures to protect them. 

ESOF AppSec by TAC Security, is a powerful solution that helps organizations protect their applications from cyber threats. With its extensive range of application security testing, you can rest assured that your applications are compliant, secure, and free from vulnerabilities. 

If you’re looking to take control of your application security and protect your business from cyber threats, ESOF AppSec by TAC Security is the solution for you. Get in touch with the team today to learn more about how ESOF AppSec can help you secure your applications. 

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