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TAC Security is a successful and fast-growing cybersecurity company with a single goal of securing cyberspace from known/unknown threats. We serve global organizations with our advanced software tools that manage the modern-day threats and vulnerabilities of the digital era.

Covering every single asset of an organization, from software systems and applications to networks and devices, the products introduced by TAC Security protect them from exploitations and breaches, mitigating probable risks posed to them by vulnerabilities.

Our products bring a next-gen approach to vulnerability management all run ESOF (Enterprise Security in One Framework), a unified platform architecture, which empowers organizations to automate and orchestrate the processes and procedures involved in risk and vulnerability management.

ESOF Vulnerability Management Platform (VMP) facilitates the widest coverage of the security posture of your hybrid IT infrastructure in a single platform that allows security teams to view, prioritize, and mitigate potential risks and vulnerabilities all from a single platform.

The Strategic Transition to ESOF VMDR

ESOF VMP was designed so security teams could move away from the difficulties of managing multiple tools and getting insights from them.  It provides a modernized approach to enhance your visibility over the cyber threats and incidents, allowing a single risk view of the entire IT stack.

However, with cyber threat actors using more advanced tools and technologies, TAC’s Security teams realized the need to design a strategic and more robust solution that augments the features of ESOF VMP to reduce the dominant risk-based vulnerabilities across a growing modern attack surface.

ESOF VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response) provides asset discovery and inventory vulnerability assessment and an aggregate meter of cyber risk that incorporates data from the widest view of organization vulnerabilities. Machine learning and remediation playbooks help prioritize the risk of the business and give you an accurate cyber risk score that demonstrates the severity of risks based on their level (High, Medium, Low, Critical) and renders valuable insights into their prioritization and remediation.

Vulnerability Management in ESOF VMDR

ESOF VMDR fills the gaps of the inabilities to discover, assess, prioritize, and mitigate vulnerabilities and dangers associated with digital assets of a business IT network and increases their competence to combat and defend the hybrid complex infrastructure.

The single software application identifies threats and vulnerabilities through automated intelligent analysis that prioritizes exploitable risks, mapping the latest superseding patches relative to them for immediate remediation.

#Asset Inventory

The first step in assessing the risk to an organization is to understand completely what assets you are trying to protect. ESOF VMDR automates this process so security teams have an accurate inventory with asset tagging that is continuously updated.

#Threat Identification

Determining a potential threat to any asset is the first step in managing risks and vulnerabilities which is executed through comprehensive scans, cloud agents, and network traffic monitoring. 

The ESOF VMDR application scans each asset and system connected to it. ESOF Agents perform the system scans, installing the software, segmenting, and listing all the vulnerabilities found with individual details.

#Real-Time Risk Meter

The powerful platform analyzes the risks affecting the security posture and lists them down as per their severity level and provides an auto-prioritization based on SLA metrics.

The possible number of vulnerabilities are segregated and displayed based on the severity of risk they pose to an asset in the system. The Real Risk score accounts for the business criticality of an asset and factors in CVSS, malware and exploits exposure (via NVD and Exploit DB), exploitability, and vulnerability age to determine a granular, 0-10 score. 

#Prioritization and Remediation

Once recognized, the vulnerabilities are auto-prioritized by SLA to focus on immediate threats and incidents and align teams to work on mitigation results which ultimately help improve the security posture of the enterprise.

Unlike ESOF VMP (and other traditional VA tools), prioritization is done on the basis of business type and group and users can take different actions on prioritization from the ‘Prioritize Setting list’ feature.

ESOF VMDR simplifies remediation by identifying individual remediation steps in playbooks that reduce the majority of global risks in real-time and eliminate the lengthy procedures used in other tools. And our auto-rescan feature ensures that patches have been applied to the vulnerabilities selected for remediation.

Experience Remarkable Changes in Managing Cyber Risks with ESOF VMDR!

ESOF VMDR has become a preferred choice among the industry leaders and SMEs to safeguard their digital assets, by providing in-depth visibility into asset risks and vulnerability management through automation and orchestration across the entire business network.

ESOF VMDR is the best next-gen vulnerability management solution in the market because it manages the crucial five aspects of maintaining security within an organization: Applications, Incidents, People, Infrastructure, and Risk and Compliance.

The transition to ESOF VMDR helps organizations stay multiple steps ahead of the hackers through threat intelligence and robust vulnerability management capabilities, catering to the present-day cybersecurity needs and demands of the amplified threat environment. 

Why delay? Switch to ESOF VMDR today!

Try ESOF VMDR to Manage your entire IT Infrastructure on a Single Platform.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

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