Organizations do not realize how susceptible their systems are to being hacked because of human error.

Before this, let’s revisit what is “Dark Web”?

Dark Web is a digital black market on the internet trading in your secrets for monetary exchange. Data like usernames and passwords, client lists, social security numbers, banking information, etc. are on sale here. It’s a big business for unfavourable elements that target the big companies and their sensitive information.

More than 90% of the data breaches start with phishing attacks. We at TAC Security, offer customers an efficient way to prevent data breaches with our CyberSecurity’s Future tool – ESOF.

ESOF (Enterprise Security in One Framework) gives a complete cyber security service to the customers to prevent breaches and attacks. Our product called ESOF DarkSec provides a real time monitoring service of the Dark Web.

The kind of activities that can be monitored on the DarkWeb are –

  • Exploration of DarkNet chat rooms.
  • Duplicate Domains/Websites.
  • Fake Websites.
  • Underground Networking.
  • AI Botnets
  • Employees leaking data, etc.

You can protect the breached data related to your company or any person connected, while ensuring the prevention of a potentially defaming and huge cost bearing breach. Our expert support plays a key role in cybersecurity to evaluate the threats, and react quickly to mitigate them.

Find out more about your organizations data on DarkWeb with our CyberSecurity’s Future tool – ESOF DarkSec!

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