Comparison between Traditional Vulnerability Management Tool and ESOF VMDR

With a myriad of researches conducted, it is stated that over a six-month period, organizations have a backlog in patching an average of 57,555 identified vulnerabilities. More than 42% of the organizations experienced a data breach in the past two years that occurred due to a known vulnerability that remained unpatched.

All these factual excerpts press on the security attention that businesses require in the use of technology today, especially in corporate environments where data leakage and hacking of the company system are becoming more common and prevalent.

It’s undeniable to say that cyber threats, dangers, and exploitations will never be far-sighted unless a robust risk and vulnerability management solution covers the core security of the hybrid IT environment.

Concerned about the conventional vulnerability management models that rendered insights only emphasized on discovering, identifying, and scanning the vulnerabilities, TAC Security, being a leader in the CyberSecurity niche has invented a blended solution towards the emerging cumulative known/unknown cyber risks that are emerging every single day with an enhanced power of data exploitation.

ESOF VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response) is the next-gen umbrella platform that manages risk-based vulnerabilities from their discovery to their remediation from a single app, giving a real sense and meaning to today’s vulnerability management paradigm. 

This article further will highlight the crucial pain points of traditional vulnerability management systems and an advanced solution to vulnerability management (ESOF VMDR), distinguishing them on their different facets.

Traditional Vulnerability Management Solutions

The conventional risk and vulnerability management tools focussed on providing comprehensive solutions to only a few specific aspects of vulnerability management and were limited to managing information security at major levels.

  • Low Visibility and Monitoring of IT Network
    Risk and vulnerability management tools of an early age were restricted to monitor the entire organizational assets, residing at diverse geo-locations, and provide results that were not dedicated to accuracy and far-sighted management. Lack of visibility across the full set of assets and attack vectors is what is pulling back the traditional vulnerability management tools.
  • Lack of Real-Time Data Insights
    The modern software systems are powered by the latest techniques and technologies and offer insights into the core of security posture while the old cybersecurity management tools miss to fill up the gaps for IT experts to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Low accuracy and correctness of data outputs regarding managing vulnerabilities enhances the cyber risks and disables mitigation actions at the right time.
  • Less Effective Reporting and Visualization
    With the lack of three core aspects of Vulnerability Management, identifying, reporting, and prioritizing, the old school software systems are considered outdated to orchestrate an organization’s security posture. Merely scanning for security gaps is a less effective solution to effective vulnerability management and thus requires detailed reporting, visualization, and response to harmoniously reduce active risks to a business’s critical assets.
  • Failing to Prioritize Potential Threats
    Inappropriate ranking of vulnerabilities, exposures and their severity is a high-end risk to a business’ security posture. This further pulls back security experts to prioritize and handle cyber risks at different layers of network security. Plenty of focus is required towards the prioritization and reporting of active vulnerabilities and cyber threats that pose hefty risks to critical business assets. When done correctly, the level of prioritization can eliminate 99-percent of risk to business-sensitive systems.


Powered by robust Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies the Enterprise Security in One Framework for Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response is a one-stop solution designed to decrease the chances of malicious intrusions and software vulnerability.

Filling the gaps within asset discovery to assessment to prioritization to remediation, ESOF VMDR offers a zoomed single platform view of the known/unknown and zero-day vulnerabilities that diminishes the possibilities of breaches with cent percent accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Scalable Identification and Monitoring of the Hybrid IT Network –
    Asset discovery and evaluation are the fundamental steps to network security and with the Cloud integration (unlike in the traditional VM software tools), the ESOF VMDR platform strenuously identifies, monitors, and then delivers transparent insights of the global IT assets of a business network. The power-packed AI-based algorithms help the security team to gain in-depth visibility into asset discovery and orchestration across the enterprise.
  • Real-Time Visibility Insights into Risk-Based Vulnerabilities –
    The advanced ESOF VMDR single platform solution runs extensive scans and evaluations of the entire digital assets accommodated within an enterprise’s IT infrastructure and renders real-time exploit assessment results to fast track the overall vulnerability management process. Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the digital assets by the ESOF VMDR keeps you covered of the network vulnerabilities and potential risks with detailed insights into.
  • Early Prioritization of Potential Cyber Threats
    Accelerating detection and response of the relevant and critical threats, the prioritization of vulnerabilities reduces the intention of material risks to your organization and business. The automatic detection of the vulnerabilities is facilitated by correlating vulnerability information with threat intelligence to prioritize actively exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Well-Informed Reporting and Asset Visualization –
    With scattered multiple assets and hosts over a business network, reporting and clear visualization of the global assets somewhat blurs at a few endpoints. But the ESOF  VMDR breaks down the asset vulnerability reporting and visualization of the security status in the most legible and insightful manner to make decisive steps towards network security. A detailed glassy view of each asset’s cyber score, endpoint security, prioritization level, authentication and remediation procedures, etc. helps IT teams to be well-informed on the immediate actions and response to any type of vulnerability.
  • Remote Response and Seamless Patch Orchestration
    Vulnerability management integrated into a single platform of ESOF VMDR decreases the remediation response time and deploys patches for the most critical risks with seamless orchestration. All the assets can be remotely managed to apply for patches simultaneously, leveraging controls in crucial and risky cases and remediation processes that go beyond traditional methods of vulnerability management and risk handling.

Top Differential Factors that Makes ESOF VMDR Unique from Other Legacy Tools in the Market

  • Insightful Cyber Score –
    The cyber risk score rendered in real-time accounts for the asset criticality and severity of vulnerabilities associated with them and factors in CVSS, exploit exposure, and malware. A granular score on a scale of 1-10 is represented to present a glass view of the asset vulnerabilities.
  • Influential Remediation Process
    The remediation process is where a tangible impact on the risk posture is made and within the ESOF VMDR cycle, individual remediation steps are exercised to prevent the most severe risks on global grounds. ESOF’s internal ticketing system replaces lengthy documentation on remediation reports and eases the entire process in real-time.
  • Measurable Progress –
    With goals and SLAs track the success of your efforts against key metrics and KPIs that help portray the value of your team and business with comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports. ESOF VMDR allows you to acknowledge your stakeholders about the measurable and quantifiable progress of enhancement of your security posture.
  • Integration and Extensibility –
    Get legacy Vulnerability Assessment results integrated with multiple security tools within the ESOF VMDR single platform that facilitates the widest coverage of vulnerability assessment and management. It has extensive capabilities to integrate other tools and apps with the extended potential of vulnerability detection.
  • Reasonably Priced Solution to RBVM
    No nickel and dining, only a price that is worth your investment. The ESOF VMDR adds no additional costs for comprehensive functionalities. It’s better to say: the more assets you score, the more the price per asset drops.

Get Empowered with ESOF VMDR, an Ideal Solution to the Next-Gen Vulnerability Management!

The comparison of the legacy tools with the advanced model of ESOF VMDR is highly competitive, especially in the five major factors that draw the differential line between both.

Assure the security of your business’s hybrid IT environment and strengthen its security posture over global enterprise networks through an AI-powered sophisticated tool (ESOF VMDR) that is designed to cater to present-day cybersecurity needs.

ESOF VMDR is available 24/7*365 to safeguard your digital assets from non-tolerance and zero-day risks associated with each asset alongside intelligence response and robust vulnerability management capabilities.

Its time to switch from your Legacy Vulnerability Management tools.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

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