Best Practices vs Practicality in the Cybersecurity World

Cybersecurity is high on the list of concerns for rapidly evolving businesses online.  Any company can fall victim to cyber crime but Educational and healthcare institutions, banks, law firms, nonprofits, are more likely to be a victim of cyber crime.

In this article, we will discuss the best practices vs practically in the world of cybersecurity.

It should be an end goal for everyone to accomplish the best, even a few realistic steps taken now will assist to adopt the maximum possible practice at the end of the day.

Find & Fix Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability management is a cyclical practice of vulnerability detection, classification, remediation and mitigation. Vulnerability management tools are used by organizations to protect against the exploitation of vulnerabilities in business applications, software and networks preemptively. Organizations that can efficiently incorporate vulnerability management would be substantially safer for data breaches or any cyber threats. In order to always remain on top to cyberattacks, Cybersecurity professionals need to have a process in place to track and manage known vulnerabilities. Tools like ESOF Vulnerability Management Solution can perform this task smartly. 

Ensure Network Security

The method of taking preventive measures to protect the network & infrastructure against unauthorized access, misuse, failure, change, destruction is Network Security. Implementing these steps enables machines, users, and programs within a protected environment to execute their authorized critical functions. Hackers are continuously looking for new vulnerabilities to penetrate the system. Even when web and apps are nonvulnerable if networks are not secured businesses are always at risk of being exposed. If it seems complicated, TAC Security is always active to assist businesses like yours. 

Insider Threat Detection & Prevention

According to the research, 40% of organizations can’t detect insider threats or can only detect them after the data has left the organization. No organization is fully immune to insider threats

Over external attackers, insiders have a huge advantage. Besides already having access to privileged networks, they are not only aware of the procedures, processes, and technologies of their organization; they are also aware of the vulnerabilities.

Our cybersecurity experts can help you assess, reduce & manage your security risk. Contact TAC Security to visualize and execute successful security programs in the digital age.

Usage of Firewall

A cybersecurity firewall is network security that can be either hardware or software that prevents unauthorized access from external networks and external threats to the trusted network. Among the first elements of network security, firewalls filter traffic to allow legitimate communications to flow freely while preventing unauthorized access.

Education and Training Sessions

Smart companies educate their employees regularly. Planning a training session is a way to spread cybersecurity awareness. Employees often wear many hats at SMBs, making it essential that all employees accessing the network be trained on your company’s network cybersecurity best practices and security policies.

Above are some of the important practices for the cybersecurity industry. 

Learn more about our Next Generation Vulnerability Management tool – ESOF!

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