Corporate Governance is a key priority for 2022 – Nimish Choudhary, CFO, TAC Security.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Nimish Choudhary shared how the company has restructured across the globe to match the rapid growth and expansion of the company. The strengthening of corporate governance became an important factor to monitor.

Nimish also shared the various newly added benefits and rewards that employees will receive while working in this company.

Nimish said: The cybersecurity market in the US is $200 billion and 1% of it is in India and the rest, across the globe. The restructuring is implemented keeping in mind the goal to acquire the maximum share of the industry.

The company is putting a lot of effort to grow and expand while ensuring the maximum customer satisfaction. To ensure we match that, he reminds the employees that they need to be aligned with the vision of the company and its management.

He shares an experience about the TAC Security employees, who have been working with the company for over five years and have seen the team, office, clients, and products grow..

He reminds everyone that we are no longer a startup but an MNC in making. He refers to the employee growth and job security of employees as cybersecurity is the fastest growing industry worldwide and TAC Security diversifies its portfolio of cybersecurity in different ways. 

He said, ‘We need to secure our company also, for that we have brought the best Corporate Governance to our company along with the internal Audit Committee. It is essential for the employees to be heard and have their inputs in the growth as well. After all, they are the ones on the frontline dealing with the customers first hand.”

At the end of the speech, he praises the TAC Security family for their hard work, dedication and adaptability.

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