Amid Russia-Ukraine Cyberwar, How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks?

[Conforming to the CISA Guidelines]

The war in Ukraine goes beyond the deployment of Russian tanks as the war is not only being executed physically but also through cyberspace where cyberattacks have paralyzed the computer systems of financial institutions and other crucial entities across major states, especially Kyiv.

While CISA has created a Shields Up as a response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, TAC Security is up with its advanced cybersecurity solution of ESOF VMDR that takes additional care of assets’ security within a business network that strengthens their security posture on an instant basis, conforming and meeting the defined CISA recommendations.

As it becomes difficult to track and trace the cyberattacks that the perpetrators execute and among witnessing the ongoing heated up circumstances between Russia and Ukraine, it can be truly predicted that in the near future, it will not be necessary to invade a country to incapacitate it, a powerful cyberattack can saturate diverse business networks and have huge probabilities to impact the planet as well.

Well, recognizing the heightened risks to the digital environment worldwide, IT security teams at TAC Security have rigorously and vigilantly worked on its internal/external and technical systems to create all-in-one cybersecurity, risk, and vulnerability management solution that mitigates potential and baneful risks of this amplified threat environment.

The talk is Enterprise Security in one Platform for Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (ESOF VMDR), an AI-powered next-gen platform that is committed to ensuring that it remains available to secure every organizational asset from being exploited in whatever, whichever, and wherever critical situation may occur on their respective IT infrastructure.

Heighten Your Cybersecurity Posture to Protect Critical Assets with ESOF VMDR

Based on the guidelines introduced by CISA, concerning data security and governance measures, TAC Security recommends the following actionable steps to be practiced to safeguard crucial business assets and networks.

#Know your Highly Vulnerable Internet Exposed Assets

There are hackers everywhere in the cyber realm who actively keep their eyes on the most vulnerable systems found on the web and without any surprise, internet-facing systems represent much of their potential attack surface.

This is where the need arises to inventory all digital assets in a single place and continuously monitor them for finding the loose nuts that can be responsible for unwanted invasions. ESOF VMDR’s platform provides extended visibility towards internal-external aspects of IT infrastructure that helps to figure and fix gaps that exposes business systems to risk-based vulnerabilities.

The AI-enabled software application continuously discovers loopholes and blind spots with the hybrid IT environment and assesses individual systems’ security and compliance posture. ESOF VMDR can be used to scan the entire IT network including all the digital assets and applications and segregate them as per their severity level of vulnerabilities.

This helps the IT teams to detect and disable all non-essential ports and protocols, especially on web-exposed assets that potentially have a remote-control service running, and render valuable insights to act responsibly towards remediation.

#Detect, Analyze, Prioritize and Mitigate Known Exploited Risks and Vulnerabilities

More than 300 CISA known exploited vulnerabilities are mapped into the ESOF VMDR’s software application and have integrated patches available for a majority of them. The known information about the vulnerabilities helps to assess, analyze, and prioritize the risks and vulnerabilities detected in the environment.

ESOF VMDR effectively maps them to the relevant patches required to mitigate them on instant disposal before they are even realized to be exploited. Risks and vulnerabilities are automatically fixed within the platform including the latest vulnerabilities added to the CISA catalog, harnessed with AI and threat intel capabilities.

Furthermore, the single view platform that represents all the critical information about a threat associated with an individual system within the IT infrastructure tracks every stage of usage of every single asset along with their upgrade and update plans to ensure they are packed up with the recent necessary security updates.

Appropriate and accurate data reports are generated by the ESOF VMDR software to create automated patch jobs to ensure that the riskiest software is up-to-date and security-proof.

#Continuously Monitor and Detect Probable Intrusions

While the maximum threats are incurred via weak endpoint security, it allows malicious actors to execute their suspicious and deceitful activities transparently. With ESOF VMDR detect any known/unknown vulnerabilities, indicators of compromise (IOC) and MITRE ATT&CK Tactics & Techniques provided by CISA and nimbly respond to the risks associated with any endpoint within the IT network with advanced threat intelligence.

The smart AI-powered platform enables IT security teams to learn about any possible zero-day risk associated with your asset alongside remediating it before it’s breached. Risks are identified, analyzed, and remediated in real-time across the entire IT landscape while mapping the latest superseding patch for the found vulnerable asset.

Now is the Time to Take Action and Harden your Cyber Defenses!

We urge you to dive deeper into how to fortify and strengthen your cyber defenses consistent with CISA Shields Up rules, making the best out of ESOF VMDR. 

TAC Security suggests that all small-big enterprises, paying less attention to measure and increase their security posture in view of the above noteworthy guidelines and insights, to protect the digital foundation of their IT infrastructure from potential state-supported advanced cyberattacks. 

ESOF VMDR remains constantly dedicated to high standards and exclusive expectations of protection and compliance to cyber-proof customer/client information. In this much prevalent era of increased and enhanced cyber risks and danger, the entire team of TAC Security is available 24/7*365 to assist you with further improving and shielding online business security with our modern approach towards risk and vulnerability management.

Try ESOF VMDR to Manage your entire IT Infrastructure on a Single Platform.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

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