What factors to consider when assessing an organization’s cybersecurity posture?

ESOF VMDR reforms organizations to discover every asset within their IT infrastructure. In addition, next-generation ESOF VMDR solutions are completely automated, providing end-to-end visibility into an organization’s IT infrastructure and vulnerabilities. 

Therefore, giving faster and more accurate remediation, reduced costs, and improved security posture. ESOF VMDR discovers, assesses, prioritizes, and patches critical vulnerabilities in real-time and across your global hybrid-IT landscape — all in a single platform. Once VMDR finds out the assets, then these assets are marked. And an in-depth assessment of security levels is conducted for assets.

What is ESOF VMDR.?

ESOF VMDR is a cloud security platform that secures businesses by providing continuous vulnerability assessments, network-level, and several types of sensors. It also leverages artificial intelligence to assess and prioritize threats based on relevant context instantly. By implementing VMDR, you can check out all the vulnerabilities in a single platform.

ESOF VMDR does the asset discovery and inventory to ensure that you have a detailed account of all devices in your surrounding.

ESOF VMDR experience provides you:

  • VMDR combines legacy vulnerability assessment and several security tools (Mobile, phishing, SIEM, People, GRC, Threat Intelligence)
  • Auto-Categorization of targeted assets. However, you can spin a scanner up in real-time with infinite virtual scanners and manage your investments.
  • The enterprises save excellent resources and the time required using a single cloud platform. There is no need to install various agents, consoles, etc., to find vulnerabilities.
  • Know your assets ESOF Cyber risk score. By Calculating the risk of your application by Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Therefore, explaining security posture to business owners reduces the risk in real-time.
  • Auto-prioritization helps in fixing the most critical vulnerabilities and is the foremost concern. By Automated Remediation Process, VMDR makes sure that the opponent does access it for a long time.
  • Customizable dashboards and widgets with drifting data.
  • Asset inventory across the conditions like Mobile devices, computer systems, and certificates.

Acknowledge how assets need to be assessed

Using ESOF VMDR will achieve real-time asset detection and vulnerability information. Then, by auto-prioritization, the vulnerabilities are fixed, and it automatically re-scans the targeted assets.

  • Detect your all assets on your global IT Hybrid Stack

The ESOF VMDR software system automatically recognizes and classifies known/unknown assets in the IT infrastructure. Thus, generating automatic workflows for assets effective vulnerability management.

Also, it helps security leaders to have a continuous asset inventory and management potential of the enterprises and get information about other assets from other security software combined at a single platform. Once the assets are noted, they can explore the different levels of security. 

  • Recognize asset vulnerabilities

The ESOF VMDR automatically recognizes the vulnerabilities with intelligent techniques like Artificial intelligence.  It will automatically let the dangerous vulnerabilities get auto-prioritized and arranged; towards the essential digital assets. Therefore, decreasing the risk count to a small quantity by providing vulnerability management.

  • Prioritize Risks and know asset Cyberscore

ESOF VMDR is an all-in-one platform where complete system vulnerabilities are easily detected. Not only this, it auto-prioritizes crucial assets as per the SLA metrics. Moreover, our product differs from others as it will give you a Cyber Risk Score of the scanned system. 

Cyber Risk Score helps measure the risk of your application and complete the system with the help of Artificial intelligence. Therefore, a cyber score allows you to give security posture to business owners and decreases the threats in real-time.

  • Discover and install Patches

ESOF VMDR automatically re-scans the digital assets after auto-prioritizing vulnerability threats. Also, it gives notification to the team and statistics of the prioritized assets and manages the asset inventory system. Therefore, this will help minimize the possible vulnerabilities to be managed by the operations team. Thus, VMDR capitalizes on the remediation procedure.


In this way, the ESOF VMDR helps find the assets inventory of the system. Cybersecurity asset management plays an important role in securing the operations of an organiztions, as Technology has become a part of every business.

VMDR stands out from the other products as it will provide a Cyber Risk Score, therefore, helping business owners get specific security postures for their application.

Try ESOF VMDR to Manage your entire IT Infrastructure on a Single Platform.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

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