Vulnerability Management Platform

A single Dashboard that consolidates and enriches all your vulnerability sources and intelligently extracts the highest risks for your organization.

In an ocean of Vulnerability Information, ESOF VMP Delivers a prioritized path forward with Assurance.​

Correlate – Deduplicate – Normalize

Unlike SIEMs, which merely aggregate, summarize, and count, ESOF VMP meaningfully consolidates vulnerability and asset information into a comprehensive foundation for analysis.

Contextualize – Tag – Threat Intel

Threat intelligence enhances vulnerability data with crucial context, aiding security teams in informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Group – Score – CRQ

Prioritize critical vulnerabilities with intuitive dashboard reporting, drill-down analytics, and heat maps. Utilize a single AI-generated Risk Score for calculating monetary risk exposure with CRQ out of the box.

Orchestrate – Collaborate – ITSM

ESOF automates workflows by integrating ServiceNow and Jira, prioritizing and routing vulnerability tickets for quick resolution, minimizing manual tasks, and accelerating security responses.


ESOF VMP’s Closed-Loop Remediation ensures thorough validation of remedies, confirming vulnerability removal and boosting security posture automatically.

Gain insights into security trends, organizational posture, and MTTR for proactive decision-making and continuous improvement.

ESOF VMP enables organisations to quickly and easily cut through the noise and focus your resources on the risk that matters the most.

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