Vulnerability Management of your Complete IT stack from SQL vulnerability

Now it’s high time to secure yourself from SQL Injection, one of the SANS ( SysAdmin, Audit, Network, and Security) vulnerabilities. There is a severe security risk associated with SQL injection vulnerable sites since attackers use them to extract entire database contents and be used to execute commands on the server.

Attacks by SQL Injection are very disastrous because of these two facets:

  1. The important pervasiveness of SQL vulnerabilities.
  2. Alluringness of the target(i.e., a database which contains all the significant and fascinating data of your application).

So, If you want to protect your applications from SQL Injection vulnerability, this blog is for you.

What is SQL Injection?

Web app vulnerabilities such as SQL injection (SQLi) allow attackers to modify an application’s queries to its database. Mainly, it will enable the attacker to view data they cannot usually fetch. Moreover, it includes the data attachment to other users or the other data that the application retrieves by itself.

However, in most cases, an attacker can customize or delete this data, leading to a consistent substitute for the application’s content. SQL injection attacks can compromise the underlying server or other back-end infrastructure, as well as trojan attacks.

Impact Of SQL Injection on your web applications?

Filching Credentials: Attackers can attain credentials through SQLi and then imitate users and use their benefit.

Acquire Database: Hackers can permit sensitive data in the database servers.

Modify Data: Hackers can modify or add new details or information to the acquired database.

Delete Data– hackers, can remove the database details and drop complete tables.

Oblique Movement: Hackers can attain database servers with operating system advantages and use this authorization to access other delicate systems.

Protect yourself from SQL Injection attacks by using ESOF AppSec
ESOF AppSec helps you in protecting your complete IT stack from SQL Injection, which is a SANS vulnerability. It detects the vulnerabilities in the system; therefore, you don’t need prevention. Also, it does vulnerability management in environments where SQL Injection vulnerabilities occur.

 Secures your system in the following ways with ESOF AppSec:

  • Timely Scanning: It allows you to scan the vulnerability on a monthly, weekly, and annual basis when it comes across SQL injection vulnerability. However, one must have ESOF vulnerability scanner licenses to secure their systems.
  • Zero-False Positives: It also maintains an option for both automated and manual testing for detecting and analyzing all potential vulnerabilities for assets.
  • Time: With an ESOF vulnerability management timeline, team members can become aware of the open and patched threats they have encountered since the first scan. Allowing them to react immediately if a possible business threat becomes apparent.
  • Cyber Risk Score: Observing the risk measures of an organization’s applications gives you a comprehensive understanding of its security posture using the ESOF Cyber Risk Score powered by A.I. Therefore, after detecting vulnerabilities, it provides a cyber risk score.
  • Top 10 vulnerabilities: Now that the platform is modern, it is possible to deliver a detailed and segmented report that outlines the Top 10 Vulnerabilities and risk severity in the hybrid IT stack associated with them.

Trend History: Upon boarding, you will see a detailed description of what has happened over the last five years regarding your organization’s Information Technology security posture.


ESOF AppSec helps you find SQL Injection vulnerabilities at your fingertips in your application. Also, it has advanced scanners which scan your complete hybrid IT stack.

ESOF with Next-Gen  Execution capabilities detects the vulnerabilities in your web apps and provides you with a cyber risk score.

Get your ESOF Cyber Risk Score now.

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