Top 5 things every Security Leader should know

As a security leader, you are expected to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics and requirements of the industry. An industry that does not have a handbook for guidance and has ever-evolving policies with a new potential attack every minute.

A security leader has to improve the vulnerability management process while keeping the cost low and worrying about the data and the assets, networks, and applications that house it.

The top 5 things a security leader should know –

Your VM can be a More Efficient Process –

Mindless, elaborate debates on which vulnerabilities to focus and how to remediate them can delay the remediation process, and expose the attack surface for a period longer than needed.

A Risk-Based Vulnerability Management system will give the leaders a real-time update on their risky assets and vulnerabilities omitting a lengthy process and encouraging a safer, faster cybersecurity process.

Prioritize your Vulnerabilities –

A normal vulnerability management system will spew millions of vulnerability data and lead the IT security team on a wild Goose chase. The team will keep working on which ones to give importance to and how to fix it.

A smart VM system will not only help you discover the vulnerabilities present in your system but also help you prioritize the critical vulnerabilities discovered. An even better VM system, like ESOF, will share tailored remediation that will help you directly patch the vulnerabilities found reducing the exposure time and saving time, cost, and resources for R&D.

Make Data-Driven Decisions –

Your precious resources are used wisely and strategically if you make data-driven decisions. RBVM program gives you loads of real-time information that can take the guesswork out and help you align the resources accordingly. The security team does not have to invest hours trying to manage the system as the IT team will be able to align their own priorities

Strive to have complete visibility from one space –

Despite having multiple factors to protect, modern RBVMs have the ability to help you monitor and manage your complete IT infrastructure on one platform. This helps security leaders to have complete visibility in one place for smooth execution while reducing the time to coordinate and bounce between multiple tools.

Get a risk score –

Despite investing best efforts, the security leaders do not have a specific progress chart or know where exactly their security levels stand and are unable to express the same to the board when asked for the returns of the investment. This also makes it tough for the leaders to demand an increase in budgets and products. A lack like this would also affect the cyber insurance policy process for the organization. Hence, it is imperative to have a number to define the stance

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