TAC Security performed beyond my expectations: Vijay Kedia, Investor, TAC Security

Vijay Kedia, managing director of ‘Kedia Securities Pvt Ltd and Investor at TAC Security. Vijay Kedia’s investment Philosophy is “I don’t look at valuation. I look at potential” and staying true to this, he invested in the company within the first 15 of meeting our CEO, Trishneet Arora. 

In 2016,  when Vijay Kedia invested in the company, he did it  because of the dedication and determination he had seen in the eyes of the new entrepreneur. While he did have faith, he did not expect the company to grow this quick and beyond his imagination. TAC Security has surpassed his expectations of growth and rallied new ones for him to put forth. 

When asked about the success mantra of business, Kedia said: that knowledge, patience, and courage can make your business grow.

Vijay Kedia delivered a short story at the Annual Town Hall 2022, he shared his initial days of struggle and journey. In the initial days, when he didn’t have much money, he could barely buy milk. His wife, regardless stood like a rock next to him. And today, he has invested in a milk company and handed over the cheque his biggest support system, his wife. 

When asked about What is the main thing that is important in the company’s growth. 

Vijay Kedia said: Management plays a significant role in making better companies. Of course, the best management can ruin the best businesses, while the worst management can revitalize the worst companies. However, the companies whose management team is experienced, aggressive, transparent, and dedicated, one can be rest assured that the investment will protect you, and the company will have good wealth and reputation.

He also added that in earning money, if one is not enjoying their life, then it is not a profitable business. Having a balance between work, passion and family is the main mantra of success. 

Lastly, He congratulates TAC Security Chief Executive Officer Trishneet Arora for the great success the company is achieving and talked about the congratulatory message for TAC Security, which was displayed in the middle of Times Square on the NASDAQ Billboard in 2021.

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