Survey Report shows legacy VM solutions not meeting cybersecurity needs

Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities are headlines with Ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, data breaches, etc. Cyber threats are the primary concerns that security practitioners face as per the global survey conducted in 2022 by TAC Security. CISOs and Managers from multiple industries responded to it. The survey depicts the practical gaps with current legacy VM solutions. 

Organizations are working on increasing cybersecurity awareness and effectively maintaining protection standards. According to the survey though, security professionals face difficulties in automated detection and prioritization. 

Manage the cybersecurity posture of your IT infrastructure

82.4% of respondents do not use a single tool to manage the vulnerability risk posture of their IT infrastructure. 

Despite all efforts, organizations are still struggling to prioritize their vulnerabilities and have not made progress in improving the efficacy of their processes. The majority of respondents are still working on a methodology that manually prioritizes vulnerabilities and hands over reports to IT for remediation and patching.

Key insights from the survey include:

  • Usage of multiple tools leads to various inefficiencies (labor, time)
  • The shortage of human resources makes it challenging to train and operate multiple tools.
  • Multiple vendor management, tool deployment, and maintenance are time-consuming and not economical.
  • Multiple tools increase the workload for data Integration and reporting.

State of Cybersecurity Survey 

The survey shows how the CISOs and their teams are facing various issues in the cybersecurity process. It also reflects the need for accurate and precise information to communicate across the organization effectively. Finally, it lays out the need to further develop network security assessments in organizations.

At TAC Security we understand the issues and challenges that security professionals face consistently across the globe. It is important to share such information across the organizations and understand their requirements while advancing ourselves and our products. 

One platform for automated detection, prioritization, and VM

Empowered with involvement with the cybersecurity industry, TAC Security has developed advanced products to help organizations across the globe deal with security standards. ESOF(Enterprise Security in One Framework) is our product that permits associations to deal with their applications, foundation, individuals, government risk and compliance, and incidents on one platform.

ESOF is an all-in-one platform that automatically detects, evaluates, prioritizes, and mitigates all threats and vulnerabilities in the entire IT stack. Our current products, ESOF VMP, ESOF VMDR & ESOF AppSec, are helping Fortune 500 companies, large enterprises, and governments globally with their Next-Gen capabilities. In addition, the Cyber Risk Score allows organizations to understand their security posture in real time.

The Next-Gen VM platform ESOF manages the complete cybersecurity lifecycle of an organization from inventory to remediation.

  • Automated detection and inventory of assets 
  • Auto-Prioritization of vulnerabilities (AI and machine learning)
  • Integration with threat Intelligence and zero-day threat hunting
  • Track all the layers in a complete IT stack 
  • Aggregate Cyber Risk Score across the entire organization
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