SEBI Cyber Security Compliance with TAC Security 

Ensure SEBI Cyber Security Compliance effortlessly with TAC Security. Our expert solutions help safeguard your business in the dynamic securities market. Stay protected, adhere to SEBI guidelines, and mitigate operational risks. Discover innovative cybersecurity approaches and achieve regulatory adherence with TAC Security today.


The Key to Success for Depository Participants & Asset Management Companies 

Strong cyber security and resilience frameworks are essential for depository participants and asset management companies in today’s securities market. Adhering to SEBI’s guidelines ensures data integrity, privacy protection, and operational risk management. Stay ahead and safeguard your operations with our effective cyber security solutions. 

What To Expect​ ?

Preliminary Audit Report

Receive a concise report highlighting key findings and initial recommendations.


Benefit from expert guidance to address vulnerabilities and non-compliant controls.

Comprehensive Final Audit Report

Get a detailed report with analysis, findings, and recommendations.

Compliance   Certification​

Obtain a certification letter confirming regulatory adherence.

Why TAC Security

With our expertise, SEBI specialization, and innovative approach, we’ll protect your business from cyber threats effectively. Choose TAC Security for SEBI Cyber Security Compliance and cybersecurity solutions.

How TAC Security can help​

SEBI Cyber Security 1

RBI Cyber Security Framework for Banks 

Implement RBI Cyber Security Framework to protect your financial institution and ensure regulatory compliance.

SEBI Cyber Security 2

SEBI Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience Framework

Enhance cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive financial and customer data in the securities market, complying with SEBI guidelines.

System Audit Report – Data Localization 

Ensure data localization compliance through comprehensive system audit reports.


Identify and address vulnerabilities with a thorough Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) assessment.

Cyber Audit

Gain valuable insights into cybersecurity controls and processes through rigorous cyber audits to address potential weaknesses.

Red Teaming

Test your organization’s defenses with Red Teaming exercises and receive actionable security recommendations.

Compliance with SEBI’s Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience Framework is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving securities market. TAC Security specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to help organizations achieve SEBI compliance and enhance their cyber resilience.​

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