Predict Your Vulnerabilities

The ever-increasing complexity of digitally transforming the business makes being a cybersecurity professional a great challenge. The pressure is headon to ensure the organization is 100% attack ready and have complete training and incident response plans in place. 

To attempt to be 100% safe, an organization has to have an effective and faster response and remediation plan. Effective and faster remediation depends on how quickly the security team determines which vulnerabilities warrant urgent action and which of those have the highest priority, but prioritization remains one of the biggest obstacles in vulnerability management.

What is Vulnerability Prediction?

In a perfect world, every vulnerability found in the infrastructure can be rapidly looked into and remediated. But in the real world we live in, a team, no matter the size and resources at disposal, have to go through lengthy processes to remediate the vulnerabilities found. These efforts to remediate the critical and high-risk vulnerabilities at the earliest possible to reduce the attack surface and opportunity.

But, what if you knew what vulnerabilities were coming your way? What if you could know your vulnerabilities, where they would be found, and which ones were critical? 
Vulnerability Prediction is exactly this, your vulnerability management process predicts the possible vulnerabilities in advance. Based on the AI and Threat Intel that constantly consumes information from the industry across the globe and leading bodies, allows the organizations to forecast the number of new vulnerabilities in an asset for the coming month.

Meet ESOF Prediction Feature 

The feature anticipates the ESOF cyber scores of various Architecture types present in your infrastructure and based on the number, the predicted vulnerabilities are generated. The count of predicted vulnerabilities gets further divided based on severity levels e.g., Critical, High, Medium, and Low. The results will be based on the vulnerability specifics from your most recent scan results for each Architecture type.

ESOF predicts the number of vulnerabilities that would be in the coming months, and generate a cyber score based on that for the coming months. The platform will predict the following –

·         Monthly Prediction of vulnerabilities.

·         Prediction of ESOF cyber score

·         Prediction of vulnerabilities that can be patched

ESOF also allows the count of predicted vulnerabilities to be compared to the number of actual vulnerabilities. The representational graphs will contain both, the actual count and predictive count of the vulnerabilities for the coming months, quarters, and years. It will also predict your upcoming cyber score based on the data above.

ESOF Prediction Dashboard
ESOF CyberScore Prediction

“The prediction feature allows security teams to foresee threats and prepare for them. ESOF plays an essential role in allowing teams to discover, prioritize and remediate before situation demands, rather than mass efforts like other tools,” said, Trishneet Arora, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TAC Security. Benefits of Prioritization 


The ability to forecast the upcoming vulnerabilities gives organizations an edge over their adversaries and continues to strengthen their overall IT infrastructure. It is envisioned the prediction model would be a major stepping stone in the industry as  cyberscore is the next credit score system for organizations to be considered compliant and cyber insurance.

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