Meta’s Workplace has enlisted TAC Security to conduct rigorous security testing. The primary objective is to affirm the security validation of applications utilized by Workplace partners, emphasizing the secure handling of user data within the Workplace ecosystem.

Meta Partner Assessment

The TAC Security Workplace Partner Security Initiative represents a collaborative endeavor aimed at safeguarding Workplace partners, their clientele, and the Workplace’s data. This initiative focuses on enhancing the security of applications integrated into the Meta Workplace ecosystems. All applications utilizing medium- or high-sensitivity permissions must undergo a mandatory security review.

As an esteemed security partner for Workplace, TAC Security is committed to assisting you in fulfilling the Security Assessment requirements detailed in: Meta for Developers – Successfully Navigate Security Review

The security assessment comprises two integral components:

Meta Partner Assessment

TAC Security’s Workplace Initiative enforces thorough Penetration Testing for high-permission Meta Workplace apps. This ensures robust security, mandatory for deployment and subject to annual reevaluations. TAC Security is committed to empowering Workplace partners and ensuring continuous customer security within the Meta ecosystem.

Meta Partner Assessment

We meticulously assess the efficacy of the independent software vendor’s security practices and procedures, covering various aspects such as data handling, secure software development, and vulnerability management. Completion of the security review is imperative before your application can be deployed for use by Workplace customers.

TAC Security is a Global Leader in Risk and Vulnerability Management with a 100% success rate for all its Google Security Assessments. 

Our experience across industries and geographies helps us understand every cybersecurity requirement and allows us to tailor every project. 

With a vast team size and quick turnaround time, we aim and ensure we can focus on each project in-depth and tend to produce the highest quality results

Attention to detail helps us ease the process for you marginally as it reduces your time investment on details we already can point out and help you improve.

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