March Milestones for TAC Security: Well-Being, Global Expansion, Partnership Growth, and Company Celebrations 

march month news letter by tac security

TAC Security, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has had a busy month in March. The company has been recognized with the ‘Great Place To Work’ award, expanded globally with a new French tech client, welcomed 11 new clients, and celebrated its 10-year anniversary. 

The ‘Great Place To Work’ award is a testament to TAC Security’s exceptional workplace culture, employee well-being initiatives, and collaborative environment. It affirms the company’s commitment to providing a supportive and growth-oriented workplace for its employees. 

TAC Security’s latest expansion into the global market with a French tech client is a significant milestone for the company. It showcases the company’s continued growth and success in providing innovative cybersecurity solutions to clients around the world. 

In addition to the new French client, TAC Security welcomed 11 new clients in March. These new partnerships are a testament to the company’s dedication to providing exceptional service and value to its clients. 

TAC Security also celebrated its 10-year anniversary in March, marking a significant milestone for the company. Founder, Director, and CEO Trishneet Arora expressed his pleasure in celebrating the anniversary and being at the forefront of building next-generation, risk, and vulnerability management products around the globe. 

Finally, TAC Security’s commitment to providing a supportive and growth-oriented environment for its employees was highlighted in an inside look at one employee’s experience. The account showcases the company’s dedication to growth, innovation, and collaboration, which has led to its continued success. 

In conclusion, TAC Security had a busy and successful month in March, which highlights the company’s commitment to excellence in providing innovative cybersecurity solutions, building strong partnerships, and creating a supportive workplace culture for its employees.

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