Leadership and entrepreneurship are all about knowing your vision, dreams, inherited commitments, and determination, I see that in Trishneet Arora: Bharat Panchal, Board of Directors, TAC Security.

Bharat Panchal, Board of Directors of TAC Security, narrates how he first met with our Founder and CEO, Trishneet Arora.  He met Trishneet when TAC Security had only began, a young entrepreneur with big dreams at a conference in Hyderabad. The difference between others and him was, he was willing to understand and work on the gap in the industry. Today, almost a decade later, he is a part of company’s Board of Directors to help this young visionary, shape TAC Security’s Future across the globe.

He spoke of the incidents that happened to him while working as the Chief Architect of Security for NPCI(National Payment Corporation of India) and how TAC Security played a role in making the process smooth.

Bharat Panchal believes that no matter what the goals in life may be, it is crucial to have dreams, determination, and commitment to achieve them. It is especially true when it comes to leadership and entrepreneurship. Without these qualities, it can be challenging to succeed.

Bharat talked about the problems the world is facing right now regarding security, like that of a phishing emails. He goes on to explain how the cybersecurity experts like TAC Security are vital as it helps reducing the risks and catastrophes waiting to happen.

He sees TAC Security’s commitment, delivery of products, quality, security, and business integrity. For nine years, he has been in the security industry, and is amazed to see the security world changing rapidly. The internet has created new opportunities for criminals and terrorists, changes that the security professionals must adapt. 

He is proud to work for a company that has created products like ESOF and looks forward to seeing what the future holds for TAC Security.

For the Future vision, he believes that TAC Security has more long-term goals, and the company is an invisible soldier and warrior when it comes to the cybersecurity world. In the Annual Town Hall 2022, Bharat focuses mainly on how the Pandemic has forced us to be completely self-adaptive, and  how TAC has achieved growth despite the pandemic 2020.

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