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Remote working and global expansion have led organizations to depend on various tools and products to ensure complete optimization and efficiency of work hours invested. But, this has also made the cybersecurity process more elaborate and uncertain. While organizations are able to secure their applications, infrastructure, people, etc. The question still remains for the products used by the organization, how secure and confident can one be? How do you know what is making an asset vulnerable and high at risk?

What is Software Cyber Score?

Organizations use various tools and products to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization, these are usually third-party assets that are integrated into their systems. While they are up to speed and match all their compliance requirements, it may not be necessary that their partners or vendors do so too. But how do the organizations know their cybersecurity levels? Hence a Software Cyber Score.

This score helps the organizations to know and understand their partner’s and vendor’s cybersecurity levels to ensure the highest level of cybersecurity and either prepare or take appropriate action to ensure their safety.

Meet ESOF Software Cyber Score

In the recent decade, a lot of breaches have been a result of another product not being secure enough to continue maintaining the highest cybersecurity levels for an organization. Enter: ESOF – Software Cyber Score. A measures a product’s risk on a scale of one to ten, with one being the censorious and ten being the finest. The purpose of this feature is to get the risk score of each product installed in the assets and the risk measured will be based upon the number of and the severity level of the vulnerabilities present in the asset.

ESOF’S Product Cyber Score Feature

ESOF – Product Cyber Score will have the risk score for each product installed in the system. Not only there would be an individual product risk score which will be for the product of the single asset but also a group score that will be based upon all the assets that have the product installed. With the overall product score, we can easily identify the most vulnerable product present in all the assets and also prioritize the top 10 most vulnerable products present in the organization. 

For a CISO or a cybersecurity professional, ESOF can help demonstrate the ROI that Cyber Score can provide for your business. It leverages Cyber Score by teasing out the most impactful risk scenarios specific to your company and drives cybersecurity spending to areas of highest importance while validating risk acceptance in less vital areas. With this information, it generates a report designed specifically for Board members to make strategic decisions. 

Benefits of ESOF – Product Cyber Score 

  • A Product Risk Score for each product.
  • Overall Product Risk Score of the organization
  • Top 10 most vulnerable products, helping you easily identify them
  • To know what exactly makes the particular asset week
  • Prepare for the low secure situations


The ability to assess and know your partner’s and vendors’ cybersecurity levels ensure the organization takes an extra effort and a positive step toward the full cycle vulnerability management process.

Request a demo to know your product’s cyber score.

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