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Simplifying integration, improving visibility, sharing intelligence, and automating workflows across endpoints- cloud, network, and applications. Security Platforms integrate vendor-specific functionality and third-party functions so that security teams can work more efficiently, faster, and more collaboratively.

In addition to reducing operational costs, security platforms enhance operational efficiency and precision, improve business security, and maintain business continuity.

Gartner talks about the future of security teams with SOAR (Security Orchestration and Automation Response)

According to Gartner; SOAR technologies enable organizations to digest and apply inputs from different sources (primarily SIEM systems). The desired outcome can be achieved by integrating these solutions with other technology and automating them. In addition, there are features for managing cases and incidents, managing threat intelligence, dashboards, and reports, as well as analytics that can be applied across a range of processes. 

Security operations activities such as threat detection and response are significantly enhanced with SOAR tools that assist human analysts by providing machine-powered assistance to increase efficiency and consistency.

The CISCO model and the ESOF are based on the modern platform architecture

Just like CISCO, and the ESOF network model consists of three-layer

1. The Core Layer

2. The Distribution Layer

3. The Access Layer 

The main advantage of the ESOF network model, is that it helps to design, deploy and maintain scalable, trustworthy, cost-effective internetwork.

  • Improve Performance: It allows the creation of good performance networks.
  • Exceptional management & troubleshooting: It allows better network management and sets the origin of network trouble apart.
  • Enhance Filter/Policy creation and application: It allows a better filter/policy creation application.
  • Adaptability: It allows the user to efficiently integrate future growth.
  • Better Redundancy: It provides better redundancy as it has multiple links across multiple devices.

Benefits of Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platforms

  • Speedy Detection & Reaction Times: Day by Day, security threats are increasing rapidly. SOAR’s enhancing data context, merging with automation, brings the lower mean time to detect(MTTD) and mean time to respond(MTTR). Hence, SOAR lessens the impact as it detects and responds to threats more speedily.
  • Better Threat Context: The SOAR platform can provide better context, analysis, and updated threat information by consolidating more data from a broad array of tools and systems.
  • Uncomplicated Management: SOAR platforms consolidate dashboards from various security systems. Therefore, helping the SecOps and other teams by amalgamating information and data handling, streamlining management, and saving time.
  • Adaptability: As security event volume grows, automating time-consuming manual processes can become impossible. So, SOAR’s orchestration, automation, and workflows can meet adaptability and demands simply.
  • Prioritize tasks more effectively: Automating lower-level threats enhances SecOps and SOC teams’ responsibilities, making them more efficient in prioritizing and responding to threats that require human intervention.
  • Rationalizing Operations: Automating lower-level tasks through standard procedures and playbooks enables SecOps teams to respond to more threats in a shorter period. Additionally, these workflows ensure that standardized remediation efforts are applied across all systems throughout the organization.
  • Reporting and Alliance: Reporting and analysis on SOAR platforms enable better data management processes and more effective security response efforts for more effective security. In addition to improving communication and collaboration throughout disparate enterprise teams, SOAR platforms have central dashboards that can facilitate information sharing.
  • Affordable Costs: When security analysts use SOAR tools, they can reduce costs, as opposed to manually operating every threat analysis, detection, and response process.

How ESOF is the choice of SOAR platform for VM

TAC Security’s ESOF products can execute automated tasks between various cybersecurity teams using a single platform. ESOF is a platform based on SOAR (Security Orchestration, automation, and response) technology. SOAR platforms are identical to SIEMs(Security Information and event management) as they can aggregate, correlate and analyze details from different sources.

In addition, the ESOF platform is the choice for a cloud-based, SOAR platform Risk-based Vulnerability  Management Solution. Also, it integrates threat intelligence and automates incident investigation and response workflows based on the manuscript created by the security team.

Under ESOF comes three high-end products:

1. ESOF VMDR: Analyze, evaluate, prioritize, and mitigate all the dominant vulnerabilities and risks across the IT landscape in real-time.

2. ESOF VMP: The ESOF VMP provides data from various organizational vulnerabilities into a risk metric.

3. ESOF AppSec: Unified Vulnerability Management Solution for Detecting and Protecting Web and App Assets.

ESOF is the choice for a cloud-based, SOAR platform Risk-based Vulnerability Management Solution.

Stay Vigilant Download the ESOF products Datasheet to learn more about its products.

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