Insight into Exploitation: Forecasting Vulnerability 

Real-time threat intelligence can help guide an organization’s remediation strategy against ransomware attacks. Instead of trying to patch everything, defenders can anticipate which vulnerabilities will likely be targeted based on specific types of weaknesses and assets and proactively mitigate the risks to prevent business disruptions. 

Predicting Prioritization 

TAC Security products have a feature known as the ESOF Prediction feature, which predicts the vulnerabilities of the upcoming month prior. Our ESOF VM platform constantly replaces legacy vulnerability and other tools to maintain your cybersecurity posture. Also, it auto-prioritizes open vulnerabilities across assets.  

When a new asset is scanned on the network, the Prediction feature employs a machine learning algorithm to predict the vulnerabilities based on the previous month’s patches, vulnerability tools, and various point products to maintain your cybersecurity posture and constantly auto-prioritize open vulnerabilities across assets. 

Prediction of the vulnerabilities warns security teams of the risk, often well before a CVSS value is assigned, and can be a helpful tool for early risk management as it provide Risk score of the organization. 

The ESOF Risk Score is a numeric value ranging from 0.1 to 10, where a higher score indicates a greater probability of the vulnerability causing an asset to be compromised. With the rating system, exposures can be classified based on their impact on the asset, with ratings of Low (0.1-3.9), Medium (4.0-6.9), High (7.0-8.9), and Critical (9.0-10.0). The Risk score will help you maintain the security posture of your organization. 

The ESOF Risk Score feature considers various risk factors constantly changing to highlight specific vulnerabilities that need urgent attention. It assesses each vulnerability’s risk level to identify the ones that require immediate action. This approach overcomes the challenge of vulnerability overload, which is a common issue with prioritization based on CVSS.  

Vulnerabilities are rated according to their severity level, whether low, medium, high, or critical. If the vulnerability severity levels come as “High” or “Critical,” then the ESOF Risk Score feature will remediate them soon and maintain your organization’s security posture. 

Based on the output of the monthly vulnerabilities, it predicts the cyber risk score and spots vulnerabilities that attackers exploit. Our platform ESOF suggests resolving vulnerabilities with the highest Risk score first. 

TAC Security’s ESOF Prediction Model forecasts security weaknesses such as vulnerabilities in vulnerable assets and misconfigurations in security. To get the solution of your problems which you are facing with traditional vulnerability tools. TAC Security’s VM management platform ESOF will provide you solution for this.  

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