Importance of Cyber Scoring

In today’s uncertain world, where everything has to be measured like credit score, fiscal achievements, social media likes, and more. it is important to monitor and know your exact cybersecurity levels too.

What is a Cyber Scoring?

A cyber security score is a number, generated based on various factors which give you an idea of the level of your security program. The score scaling factors varies with the provider in context, but the end result of each of these scores is to help an organization understand the strength of their cyber security program. 

Why is cyber scoring important?

Cyberscoring summarises complex, lengthy reports into concise numbers, a universally and easily understood phenomenon. The security leaders can effectively communicate the numbers across all walks of business and have an equal understanding of security levels across the organization. This also provides validation for the organization that they are taking the right steps to protect their data and instills faith for partners and customers that the organization is adhering to compliance with cybersecurity.

Benefits of Cyberscoring

Cyberscoring is the next credit scoring in the cybersecurity world. It is becoming an important factor in the way an organization conducts its business. 

Here are some of the factors cyberscoring is commonly used in –

Cyber Insurance –

Organizations have various methods of defining their cybersecurity levels that may be unjustifiable or nonstandard. To have uniformity and clarity, a cyber scoring organization could be allianced with by the insurance company which would give an insight into the insuring organization’s security practices to determine their insurability, premiums, coverage, and more.

This activity helps maintain transparency as the company requesting insurance has no control over their score or what they can show. Also, companies with higher scores can benefit by bargaining for lower insurance rates.

Partner Management –

Every organization has multiple hardware and software that they use for daily operations and business execution. Despite the organization being extremely proactive about their cybersecurity practices, the same cannot be said for the external products used, this leaves them in an extremely vulnerable position and at the ease of breaches.

To avoid the same, a noncontrollable cyber score of their cyber practices would allow the organization to maintain their credibility and integrity for partners or continue partnering with the existing ones. 

Improving internal cybersecurity practices

Every organization has certain targets to match its cybersecurity practices. A cyber score will inform the security leaders as to how well their cybersecurity policies and practices are implemented. It also gives insights as to what needs to be improved to increase the score and host awareness sessions if needed. 

This also becomes a factor of quantification to compare and show the board the progress across the organization’s security domain. The scoring method allows security leaders to effectively communicate the level of cyber risk to internal teams that may not have the technical knowledge to follow the nuances of cybersecurity risk factors. 

It is also helpful in communicating the urgency of cybersecurity throughout your organization in case the levels drop to a point of a scare.

ESOF Score

ESOF Score allows you to measure a single cyber risk score across your entire IT infrastructure. A simple number from 1 to 10, determines the accurate levels of your cybersecurity risk.

Not only the organization, but it also helps you view a single risk score of a division, an asset, or a vulnerability as well.  

As per the future of cybersecurity, cyber scores are an essential part of it as they help different units of the organization understand where exactly they stand on their security levels.


Scoring helps organizations be updated in real-time regarding their cybersecurity levels and provides a benchmark of the progress they are making to monitor in the future. It is an effective communication tool for different walks of the business and a great factor to determine the effectiveness of the security process. 

Cyberscoring is the future of cybersecurity and is all set to become what credit score is to financial due diligence.

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