How Well is Your Organization Prepared with Incident Response Planning?

How Well is Your Organization Prepared with Incident Response Planning?

Considering effective solutions for the resolution of security breaches and protecting an organization’s security posture from potential web threats, one cannot fail to look after forging a workable Incident Response Plan.

Incident response planning is a reactive way to ensure that an incident is handled quickly before expecting it to pose any danger to a business’s digital assets and IT infrastructure.

It is vital to learn how to respond when an incident occurs and what instant steps to take to prevent the attack surface from widening. Thus, a strategic plan is required to help the IT teams identify, detect, respond, and recover from network security incidents to minimize their intensity. 

And to address this concern along with taking care of data loss, cyber-attacks, exploitations, and risk-based vulnerabilities, TAC Security presents a one-stop solution that contains and controls vulnerable incidents from venturing into a business’ IT domain via ESOF VMDR.

Enterprise Security in One Framework for Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response  (ESOF VMDR) is a single platform designed to effectively respond and mitigate cyber-attacks with calculative insights powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models.

As per the four key elements of Incident Response defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) namely Preparation, Detection and Analysis, Containment and Eradication and Post-Incident Recovery, ESOF VMDR manages these fundamentals in the most effective manner with its advanced techniques, thus, eliminating the chances of breaches and occurrence of incidents.

Understanding an enterprise’s short-term operational requirements and long-term strategic goals, ESOF Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response is intentionally designed to minimize disruption and restrict data loss during and after an incident.


Let’s get into the discussion of how the paper planning of Incident Response is orchestrated via a software solution of ESOF VMDR that presents a granular approach to incident response management powered by AI and automation. 

#Assessment and Analysis of Security Gaps

As an Incident Response plan is objective-driven, likewise the single view platform of ESOF VMDR is purposefully designed to run gap assessment to identify the loopholes from where the incident can occur/occurred and further benchmark results for the same.

Once the criticalities and vulnerabilities are determined and their locations are spotted and noted, the all-in-one application instantaneously intercommunicates the analyzed information to the teams across the security network, thus, speeding the recovery process and limiting damage.

#Instant Communication of the Incident

Time is the essence when it comes to the spread of breach notification across the entire IT team. Incident reporting in ESOF VMDR is powered by automated algorithms that promptly inform the security team and those in compliance roles to wisely respond to the occurred incident, providing the necessary details.

This further helps the security analysts to make key decisions and conduct an investigation over the loopholes found to keep the situation under control and react to the incidents found.

#Preparation for Mitigation

Enabled with real-time threat intelligence the ESOF VMDR software security automation and orchestration for efficient and accurate incident response. It automatically prioritizes the listed security incidents utilizing threat intelligence to determine response actions.

Any types of malware, virus, exploits, or combinations of vulnerabilities found within the complex hybrid IT infrastructure are sorted, categorized, and mapped to create tasks, changes, and backups for all the affected assets in no time.

#Post-Incident Resolution and Recovery

Incident handling in particular ends not just with remediation but also continues for the post-incident resolution and recovery that aims to improve the security of assets and lower the severity of incidents, and further eliminate their chances of occurrence.

The single app of ESOF VMDR ensures to avoid incidents by managing your information security, data security, and network security by outlining the current state of your overall business assets along with recovery and follow-up tasks.

Get Your Business Security and Incident Proof via a Single Application of ESOF VMDR!

ESOF VMDR  ensures a worthy investment of money and resources, irrespective of the size and type of organization that embeds all key aspects of incident response and ensures to strengthen a company’s security posture as it matures over time.

Amalgamating incident response management, risk and vulnerability management, remediation, and patch management with a comprehensive cyber score, ESOF VMDR proves to be the most favored choice among the forward-looking enterprises of the digital world who cannot stand to witness their business security at stake.

Recognizing known, unknown, and unmanaged incidents and vulnerabilities posed to the digital assets allows ESOF VMDR to deep dive into your business’s various levels of security and make them tamper-proof. Get in touch to know more.

Try ESOF VMDR to Manage your entire IT Infrastructure on a Single Platform.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

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