How does ESOF AppSec help you detect vulnerabilities in your web applications?

A web application vulnerability refers to a system weakness or flaw. These vulnerabilities have been there for years, mainly because of the non-validated inputs, damaged web servers, and application design faults, and utilizing them to understand the application’s security. Furthermore, these vulnerabilities occur in the custom web applications as it indulges various users on several networks, and attackers take advantage of that level of convenience.

For any web app, scalability and good performance are foremost, and ongoing cyberattacks need security as a crucial consideration. So, the primary step to protecting a vulnerable web application is to find its vulnerabilities and take proper measures to mitigate them. These types of vulnerabilities differ from the common ones like networks or assets. In this blog, you’ll learn how to know that web apps have vulnerabilities, and by using ESOF AppSec, you can detect and patch them.

Custom Web Application Security Vulnerabilities

Web application vulnerabilities are security delicacies that allow risks to operating source code, acquiring uncertified access, stealing data, or intruding with the application’s regular operation.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is the community of security I.T. professionals and software developers. They aim to secure web applications for the users and other systems. Using OWASP is the foremost step when changing your system’s software development culture or web app.

Most of these vulnerabilities whirl around identification, validation, and user input faults. Here each vulnerability is given that secures the largest web application. OWASP Top 10 lists of the most common and critical vulnerabilities risks for web applications are:

  • Cross-site Scripting(XSS)
  • Cross-site Request Forgery(CSRF)
  • SQL Injection Attacks Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Security Misconfiguration

How does ESOF AppSec help in securing your custom web application?

By using ESOF AppSec, Web developers and researchers can find the vulnerabilities in the custom web applications given below:

  • Scheduled Scanning

ESOF AppSec allows you to do the scheduled scan of the web and applications on a monthly, daily, weekly, and annually basis. However, for that, they have to take the ESOF AppSec License.

  • Zero False Positives

An advanced scanning mechanism detects and analyzes all potential vulnerabilities for assets while maintaining an option for automated and manual testing.

  • Timeline of vulnerability

Using the AppSec vulnerability timeline, team members can better understand the open and patched threats encountered since the first scan, enabling them to react immediately to probable business threats.

  • ESOF Cyber Risk Score

Using ESOF Cyber Risk Score powered by A.I., you can comprehensively understand an organization’s security posture by observing the risk measures of its applications.

  • Top 10 vulnerabilities and top 10 vulnerable

With the modernity of the platform, it is now possible to deliver a detailed and segmented report that outlines the Top 10 Vulnerable Applications Vulnerabilities, along with the severity of risks associated with them for resource allocation and alignment decisions.

  • Five years of history Trend

You can detect up to 5 years of your organization’s I.T. security posture that clearly describes the development, advancement, and success rate from the first day of boarding.


Any team looking to harden their security should start with the OWASP top 10, which lists common weaknesses of custom web applications and real-world remedies for them. ESOF AppSec is a platform that scans web applications based on the OWASP 10 benchmark. At TAC Security, we aim to be on top of surging tools and techniques to ensure the security of the application development from vulnerabilities.

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