External Vulnerability Assessments

External Vulnerability Assessments

Closing security gaps is streamlined with justified resource allocation, directly reducing risk. TAC Security’s detailed report aids compliance, identifying and addressing potential violations. Boost sales credibility by providing prospects with our External Vulnerability Assessments during vendor vetting, showcasing your commitment to security.

TAC Security External Vulnerability Assessments deploy remote scans and tests from our Secure Operations Center, probing web-facing hosts for over 100,000 potential vulnerabilities. Covering network devices, web servers, firewalls, hypervisors, databases, and operating systems, our automated and manual testing ensures a comprehensive evaluation.

Our security team meticulously confirms vulnerabilities in a non-intrusive manner during testing, preventing disruptions to critical services. Post-assessment, our experts deliver a concise report with prioritized actionable remediation steps to minimize your external attack surface.

Automated Scans

  • Catalog all active ports/services on the network.
  • Check for operating system and web server vulnerabilities.
  • VoIP vulnerability testing.
  • Malware testing.

Manual Probes

  • Check for external service misconfigurations.
  • Confirm best practice configurations for services.
  • Evaluate service-inherited attack vectors.
  • Escalate compounding low-risk vulnerabilities.
  • Verification of vulnerabilities detected.

Security testing provides a snapshot of your current security posture. For optimal results, consider monthly or quarterly testing, with a special emphasis after significant network changes to catch emerging security gaps. Compliance-regulated industries may necessitate annual assessments to ensure ongoing compliance.

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