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When preparing ourselves with the requisite responses and alleviation procedures, we solely depend upon the software system’s reports and statistics. However, we often forget that cyber risks and vulnerabilities are persistent; and it requires an assessment from several perpendicular viewpoints.

To attain all-inclusive yet accurate insights to make the responses effective and safeguard. For example, we need a robust software solution that provides a 360-degree vulnerabilities analysis of business assets regarding a business’s IT infrastructure.

The latest interview conducted by TAC Security among the security leaders of several enterprises was about how they evaluated the threat vulnerabilities and risk detection. However, in that interview, they found that most of the amount exported CVSS data to build their description. Also, the next highest section of individuals free-hand reviewed their CVSS scores in their tool-set.

Being ignorant of the essential security data may help document and implement vulnerability remediation schemes and actions. However, it may disable an organization from preventing assaults that mitigate with a suitable approach to alleviation.

Features of ESOF

Furthermore, the ESOF VMDR platform comes with a new feature of ESOF Insights for detecting faults and filling gaps. That enriches the visual analytics to learn about potential threats and vulnerabilities linked with every asset over the hybrid IT landscape.

ESOF VMDR( Enterprise security in one framework for vulnerability management, detection, and Response) has modified the ways to seize visual representation of reports. Furthermore, it improves the protecting capabilities of a forward-looking organization and empowers it to strengthen its security mode for an extended period.

In addition, the features of the ESOF Insights boost human comprehensibility and clarity. By showing a graphical representation of essential details linked to assets, threats, vulnerability risk, business units, etc.

The software application offers a narrative way of continuing the semi-structured data in a graph-based database with communal visualization. However, from self-operating asset paragraphs and arrangement, information is taken out. And the system scan reports to the security expert in graphs. That amplifies the success and potency of incident detection, reaction, and prevention.

The details that exhibit in graph form include:

  • Vulnerability of Infra
  • Open Vulnerability drift on Assets of Business Unit 
  • Fixed Vulnerability Trend on Assets of Business Unit Vulnerability Age of Assets Business Unit Wise. 
  • Top 10 Aged Vulnerabilities
  • Top 10 Vulnerable Assets etc

It shows the open vulnerability management systems in heat maps and when a user flickers over a particular box with the open vulnerability information. As a result, any details disparate from the asset’s security risks are considered structural. In addition, it has made it easy for the IT administrators to examine and communicate asset threat vulnerability risk effectively without keeping a miss on the delicate information.

The graphical form of the data is highly pliable and allows domain experts to collaborate with the information with no restrictions. Therefore, action taken to prevent the attack and feedback to an attack gives a streamlined view. That is extensively detailed and explained to the users.

ESOF VMDR Improves Data Visualization to React to Asset Vulnerabilities Responsibly 

ESOF Insight is the additional benefit given within the power through the AI platform of ESOF VMDR. However, It authorizes the teams to boost their clarity over ESOF scan VM reports and statistics through the organized data dispensed in graphical format.

It further improves team communication and Response to predict the incidentals through the substantial representation of data built through a logical method. Moreover, Visual inquiring plays a significant role in allowing security experts; to make the correct decisions over shielding the digital assets and information of the business. Unfortunately, most software systems ignore this approach to handle risks and vulnerabilities in data visualization. However, ESOF VMDR is on the next level. 

Therefore, Get the present status instant view of any digital asset of your enterprise. It dynamically makes receptive decisions while streamlining your approach toward vulnerability risk management. 

Switch to ESOF VMDR! Try it, believe it, and see the difference.

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