Do you know all your assets to secure your complete attack surface?

Organizations across the globe are growing at a rapid pace, and are adapting to the hybrid working culture. While adapting to the remote culture, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration as the security leaders have to modify the cybersecurity processes. A prominent one is, knowing their complete IT Infrastructure.

For a security leader to have a robust cybersecurity process, they need to know every asset present in their IT Infrastructure. 

Importance of Asset Discovery

Every asset in the system is a potential attack surface for an organization and gets secured with a different process or has to be accounted for to add to the current one. This exercise is only possible when every asset in the IT infrastructure is accounted for by the team.

Asset Discovery also helps IT Administrators to monitor and maintain their IT Asset Register. Having a full visibility of all assets connected across different networks, aged devices can be identified, remvoed and replaced in accordance with company compliance policies.

Often employees use their personal assets or new company assets that may not have been informed about by the IT team. This would leave the organization vulnerable to attacks. To avoid this, every good vulnerability management process includes asset discovery

What is Asset Discovery?

Asset discovery inclues keeping a check on the active and inactive assets present in your IT network. The tools used for this generally analyze the asset clusters and identify the relationships between their usage, the network, and devices.

Benefits of Asset Discovery

Efficient Management of CyberSecurity Process –

Knowing all the assets in the system helps the IT & Security Team make faster and efficient decisions. It also allows them to know which asset exactly to look for in case of a dire situation present, this saves the time and resources people invest in R&D.

Data Driven Decisions –

By having a full access and view of all the assets, to what systems they are connected, what software are installed, etc the organization can make decisions based on the data available to them.

Identification of Unauthorised Devices

According to the organizations compliance and home devices policy, organization can discover and restrict unauthorised devices, securing and preventing the network from breaches.

ESOF’s Asset Discovery

Enterprise Security In One Framework’s Asset Discovery feature allows organization to not only discover the assets but also monitor, log and scan the discovered assets. This also gives real time status and insight into the IT infrastructure of the organization.

Request a demo to discover & secure all the assets in your organization.

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