Top cybersecurity predictions for 2021 that every startups and enterprise must know

As we are recovering from the worst pandemic of 2020, can you imagine what will the new year bring to cyberspace? Here are some predictions that will change the landscape of cybersecurity in 2021 & the coming years.

The number of information technology services like web & apps, cloud systems, and connected devices is steadily increasing and most cyber experts predict that the connected systems can be easily exposed in the next few years.

It is going to happen as these systems include a large amount of data, popularly known as Big Data. Large amounts of information must be protected from any cyber threats. Cybercrime is a constant change as cyber-criminals continue to develop increasingly dangerous and sophisticated attacks. As the tactics of cybercriminals increase day by day, the field of cybersecurity advances its techniques and methods hours by hours. This clearly means that there will be a dramatic change in cybersecurity in 2021.

The following predictions provide insights, how cybersecurity will evolve for fast-growing industries in 2021:

Cybersecurity in Fintech Industry

In 2021, the risk of cyberattacks in the financial industry is higher than the other Industries. According to a Geneva Study, 98% of the top 100 global Fintech start-ups are vulnerable to cyber attacks, including phishing, mobile, and web security app attacks, etc. Fintech solutions like banking mobile apps and web applications are being adopted by banks and financial institutions rapidly to offer 24*7 connected banking and financial services. Cybersecurity is essential to ensure that consumers and businesses can leverage the benefits of technology in every Industry.

Fintech startups & enterprises are not free from cyber risks anytime.  Here are a few types of threats that always cramp the fintech industry.

Malware attacks, Data breach, Cloud environment security risk, Availability of critical systems, Application security risk, Bugs in Programming, Weak Network & Infrastructure, Phishing, Social Engineering, etc.

Fintech firms need to build a robust cyber resilience system inside and outside their organizations to avoid risk. 2021 gave all the reasons to introduce cybersecurity into the fintech business. TAC Security provides a complete cybersecurity solution and vulnerability management platform to ensure every financial transaction gets completed risk-free.

Demand for Cloud Security will Expand

Let’s have a look at quick reasons why the demand of cybersecurity will increase for cloud-based apps and data centers.

  1. Most companies adopting cloud technology for the various reasons
  2. With data on the cloud, work from home is increasing.

Security has become a major area of ​​concern in the cloud and cloud-based applications. Startups and tech giants know that cloud is the future technology and 2021 is the right time to shift from traditional data centers to the cloud. Almost all organizations are expected to increase their spending and carefully improve their cloud security and analyze/research what can be upgraded by external attackers to protect against data breaches.

To ensure cybersecurity in your cloud-based apps We can provide just the level of service you need for your application. Let’s get connected

Cybersecurity in Education Sector

In May 2015, A US-based State University’s engineering school was the target of a cyber-attack. Cybercriminals are targeting educational institutions more often.  

Education institutions need to make cybersecurity a priority. It is considered that the education sector is extremely vulnerable to cyber threats. The 2018 cybersecurity report shows that schools & the online education industry fail to accomplish different tasks, such as application stability, endpoint safety, and patching random security concerns. The education sector is thus ranked the worst out of 17 global industries for cybersecurity. This implies that preventive steps to strengthen cybersecurity in the education system are essential.

Cybersecurity in Health Care

As the healthcare industry continues to deliver life-critical services when experimenting with emerging technology to optimize treatment and patient care, hackers and cyber threat actors are trying to exploit the vulnerabilities associated with these advancements. Cybersecurity predictions 2021 say, as there is a huge scope for the healthcare industry to grow digitally in the coming years, challenges will also grow parallelly. Data breaches cost the healthcare industry approximately $5.6 billion every year, according to Becker’s Hospital Review.  The health care industry can improve its cybersecurity by implementing advanced security tools like ESOF. ESOF (Enterprise Security in One Framework) is the next generation, a risk-based vulnerability management platform for forward-looking security organizations.


These were the few top predictions that are said to take place in the year 2021. So prepare for your business and all IT assets to survive well in cyberspace. Cybersecurity is no longer a problem just for the banking, education, or any IT sector, it has to be treated through a collaborative effort. All businesses need to invest in cybersecurity before any major loss. Take a step against cyber frauds by shifting to automation tools like ESOF AppSec – The Next Generation Cyber Security Tool for all IT assets.  ESOF AppSec provides an external assessment of your applications to identify vulnerabilities embedded in code and infrastructure that could be used to hijack the application and steal data. 

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