TAC Security wins CEO World Awards for the 2nd Time in a Row!

TAC Security wins Globee® 2021 CEO World Awards. 

The Globee® Awards are the organizers of the world’s premier business awards programs and business rankings. TAC Security bagged 10 awards at the CEO World Awards. 

CEO World Awards are an annual industry and peers recognition program honoring CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and their management teams from organizations in every industry and of every size across the globe. It encompasses the world’s best in leadership, innovation, organizational performance, new products and services, excellence studies, corporate social responsibility, and milestones from every major industry in the world.

Our next-generation product – Enterprise Security on One Framework (ESOF) uses AI to enable a faster, easier discovery and remediation for the complete IT stack in your organization suitable to your organization’s environment. The product covers all the verticals and helps you to explain the security status of your organization to the business and other verticals easily.

To make the communication of cyber risk easier across the organization, A single cyber risk score provides an objective framework for the evaluation of a security posture. By converting these evaluations into an easy-to-grasp representation of qualitative cyber risk scoring, organizations can better understand how safe their assets are and where they need to improve.

Cyber Score will be the global de-facto industry standard to measure and mitigate cyber risks, how we use Credit Score for Financial Due Diligence.

We are grateful for all the love and support constantly showered on us by our customers, partners and employees.

Looking forward to many more celebrations with everyone.


TAC Security

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