Demo of the TAC Security ESOF Vulnerability Management Platform with William May

If you’re like most enterprise security leaders you need to know what your security risk posture is, and if it’s stable or getting worse. Having this information at your fingertips is challenging though, given the myriad of tools that most organizations must use and the sheer volume of security data they produce.

Today I want to show you a really innovative way to understand your security risk posture in real time with a solution that gives you a top line view so you can communicate with your teams, business units, executives, and boards. And the ability to drill down and find out exactly which vulnerabilities are driving risk. The solution I’m showing you is called ESOF VMP from TAC Security.

What you can see is the risk ratings. The overall risk tends to be the very assets of the enterprise. The risk ratings can be compared through over months and their assets can be categorized within the enterprise. The ticker across the top are various domains and campaigns that being run and tracked throughout the enterprise. The dashboard is impactful and shows the status in real-time which helps security teams make instant decisions.

ESOF also provides additional views, one can see from a ledger perspective here. The assets are in white, critical is deep red, high is red, yellow is medium, low are the green ones and the information based.

When continue on the main screen, on can see total number of assets categorized according to their severity levels and the architectural types. Also, the history trend that will take you back to your security posture at different time periods. The history trend holds the data up to 5 years, unlike other products.

If you want quick insights into what is driving risk VMP has it at your fingertips with top 10 reports by asset and by vulnerability. Drill into these to learn more about each one and see which vulnerabilities to patch first and reduce your risk. This is just one of the many helpful reports that come “out of the box” with ESOF VMP.

Score exploration – Here one can move around and understand the score that the adjustment can cause.

In people, the organization can see the security behaviour of their employees. This gives an insight into the phishing campaign run and the results of the same based on the security knowledge.

ESOF lets you integrate any other tools you may be using by directly integrating it into our product. We already have the ability to connect Qualys, Fortify, Proofpoint and many others which ensures a complete insight into the system from one place.

Ticket systems helps you to connect to keep a track of the issues that need to be addressed.

ESOF VMP is a very unique and robust solution that gives you the ability to drill down in details and align the businesses. It helps to have a better understanding of your vulnerability management and is not pages of complex, detailed reports. Its user intuitive and gives easy insight into your organization.

To learn more, please download our datasheet

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