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How ESOF Works?

An insight into next generation security orchestra platform - Enterprise Security in One Framework

Data On - boarding

- App Scan Tool Integration
- Infra Scanning Tool Integration
- Penetration Testing Report
- Security Audit Report

ESOF Engine

ESOF uses remediation playbooks to prioritize the risks of your business, giving you an accurate result along with a cyber-risk scoring. All of this is based on the help of AI and machine learning, while also saving you some time.

Tech Assets Data

Database Assessment Reports -
Configuration Assessment Report -
Source Code Bugs -
Policy Review -

Cyber Score

An Artificial Intelligent Algorithm calculates the score based on the type, severity and total number of vulnerabilities found.

Intelligent Remediation

ESOF's remediation playbook helps an organization to automate the process of presenting the tailored remediations while improving the security posture.


ESOF enables an organization to quickly present the most critical assets and vulnerabilities exisiting that helps to prioritize and enable a rapid mitigation.


Vulnerability Management Platform


SaaS based Cloud platform.


5million+ vulnerabilities measured, prioritized and migitated.

Empowering team

Alignment between Security, IT and Business team to save time.


Quick and efficient on-boarding of millions of assets from various industries.

ESOF Cover

What does ESOF Cover?

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User Intuitive Experience

When a user understands the behavior and effects of using a product, it is said to be an user intuitive experience. ESOF assures to be a user intuitive experience as it helps a person from any walk of the organization to understand the cyber security structure better and it is easy to use effectively even for a person with no complex knowledge of cyber security.

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Cyber Score


Cyber Score

How to simply explain your security posture? It's difficult to explain the complex security reports conveying the security posture of an organization to the management or a board. ESOF generates a score from scale 0 to 10 for each on - boarded asset, architecture or business unit with an overall organizational score that helps to explain the cyber security maturity of the organization and align the business with the tech team in one framework.

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Heat Map


Heat Map

Heat Map helps you track the vulnerabilities found with its severity in a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly comparison. Based on the severity, it is a visual representation of all the vulnerabilities that have surfaced in the said time period.

TAC Security vulnerability management
Zero Day Vulnerabilities


Zero Day Vulnerabilities

ESOF Zero Day helps you to know which asset could possibly be vulnerable to the recently found vulnerabilities in cyber space on real time basis.

Zero Day Vulnerabilities
Assets & Vulnerabilities


Top 10 Assets & Vulnerabilities

Found too many vulnerabilities and don't know where to start? ESOF prioritizes the vulnerable assets based on the number and the severity of vulnerabilities found in it. This helps to align the organization and regardless of the size to use its resources effectively. This also helps in remediation of the most vulnerable assets on priority, saving the assets from attacks.

Assets & Vulnerabilities
History Trend


History Trend

ESOF helps you present the improvement and the progress of the organizations IT Security posture from the day it was onboarded, upto 5 years of history.

History Trend
cyber security Cyber Score Heat Map Zero Day Vulnerabilities Assets & Vulnerabilities History Trend


ESOF Score helps the organization to measure the risk of the assets with the help of artificial intelligence. It also allows you to reduce the cyber risk on real time basis while helping you measure the security posture with the history trend.

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ESOF helps you to focus on immediate threats to your business and aligns your teams for efficient mitigational results to take focused and strategic actions to improve the security posture of the company.

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ESOF's Playbook of million+ vulnerabilities forecast the new possible vulnerabilties, some even before they are discovered. They also predict the confirmed possible mitigated vulnerabilities, which with the help of machine learning program help to share the accurate severity per business unit.

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ESOF VMP is a very unique and robust solution that gives you the ability to drill down in details and align the businesses. It helps to have a better understanding of your vulnerability management and is not pages of complex, detailed reports. Its user intuitive and gives easy insight into your organization.

To learn more, watch the demo of TAC Security's ESOF, a Vulnerability Management Platform with William May

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