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Multiple Tools

Organizations use multiple tools to maintain their complete IT stack. This often does not give a complete picture of your security levels and does not allow you to prioritize your vulnerabilities to manage the risks.

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Data onboarding

ESOF gives you the widest coverage on a single platform. You can now manage your entire IT stack in one place allowing you to prioritize, manage and mitigate effectively. Our onboarding process is seamless and does not require you to pause operations.

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Multiple Business Units & Tech Team

It is difficult to align various teams, run multiple drill downs and effectively manage your vulnerabilities to eliminate the risks. With ESOF, everyone is updated with the latest status, see the score, connect with the team via the ticketing system, etc

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ESOF helps you in prioritizing your vulnerabilities and vulnerable assets by the severity, enabling you to mitigate them effortlessly. Risk management at its best!

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Why invest time and money in finding a solution when we have one?

Our 5million+ playbook of vulnerabilities enables us to give you a remediation tailored to your environment and needs. Hence, instead of finding a solution, you eliminate the risk.

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Know your most critical vulnerabilities and vulnerable assets

Let ESOF simplify the remediation process by prioritizing your vulnerabilities and assets for you.

Auto Scan with Next - Gen's Risk Based Vulnerability Management

ESOF helps you to auto prioritize high risk vulnerabilities or assets with defined SLA to tech team.

Look back on your cyber stats that are 5 years old

ESOF lets you see the vulnerability history with the pattern and type found upto 5 years old since onboarding.

We intergrate what you use

Add your tools to have a single view of your complete IT Stack.



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