Working closely with Global Governments to Build CyberSecurity’s Future is my aim for 2022: Lt. General Iqbal Singh Singha, Director Global, and Govt. Affairs, TAC Security

Lt. General Iqbal Singh Singha is the Director of Global and Government Affairs. With a career spanning over four decades and his unmatchable experience in conflict resolving, Lt. General Singha has branched out TAC Security government relations wider across the globe.

He recollects meeting our CEO for an initial conversation where he wondered how he would fit in a company with maximum employees under 30. But his drive to stay relevant for his grandkids became a lesson for the whole organization. To never stop learning. 

He reaches his experience and learnings from TAC Security, which has helped him connect with younger generations better while using his expertise to build a stronger connection for the rest of the world with TAC Security.

Under his expertise and guidance, TAC Security has embarked on various global projects that have helped strengthen our ties with multiple governments and their agencies. Our list of partnerships includes The United Service Institution of India – The oldest think tank globally, which was founded as a society in the furtherance of interest and knowledge in the art, science, and literature of the Defense Services.

Lt. General Singha has also shared his experience of the global reaction to our brand and products and how a world-renowned brand like TAC Security is working closely with various governments across the globe to Build CyberSecurity’s Future.

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