Why is ESOF VMP an essential tool for securing IT stacks?

Organizations want a vulnerability management platform and cyber security posture of their complete IT stack. Considerate point of view to alleviating risk can help the company to understand better how to enhance your company’s cybersecurity posture. Start by quantifying risks, examining security controls, and comparing your cyber security posture with global industry standards. Understanding your security posture will help you in a threat mitigation strategy and secure beneficial digital assets.

Cyber threats are evolving with time, and the corporation must clearly understand the system’s protection from threats and risks. Assessing your company’s security posture is the one way to do so. Therefore, a robust stance is essential for keeping your company secure from known or unknown threats.

What is security Posture?

An organization’s security posture assessment refers to how well it protects its networks, data, and technology (hardware and software). Put another way, and security posture is how vulnerable your corporation is to cyberattacks or data breaches. Thus, you have to keep data backup safely to decrease the clashing of a data breach.

What is the significance of security posture?

Your corporation’s security posture is essential as it decreases the cybersecurity risk. Cybersecurity risk is the prospect of disclosure or loss evolving from cyber attacks, data breaches, and cyber-attacks. A more enclosing definition is the possible loss or harm to the IT framework or asset’s secrecy, integrity, and accessibility.

An organization ignorant of its security posture is vulnerable to outside and inside risks. Bas security posture puts all the information at risk (including the customer’s data). Hence, putting the organization at risk of falling out of conformity with the security structure.

As per recent research that 70% of security and IT professionals say that- security regimen and management of security posture have become progressively challenging from previous years. Malicious actors sometimes perpetrate security breaches and attacks unintentionally.

A strong security posture protects you from 

  1. Data Breach
  2. Cyberattack
  3. Vulnerabilities and attacks

Does ESOF VMP help you in boosting your security Posture?

If your company wants to create the most potent security posture assessment possible, then ESOF VMP helps you detect your most critical vulnerabilities and vulnerable assets.

With ESOF VMP, you can do this easily. Utilize our vulnerability management platform to:

  • It assists in streamlining the remediation method by prioritizing your system vulnerabilities and vulnerable assets.
  • When you add your tools, a unified view of your entire IT stack is easy.
  • ESOF VMP assists you in auto-prioritizing hazardous vulnerabilities or assets with defined SLA to the professional technical team.
  • It allows you to see the past five years’ history with the IT stack’s pattern and type of vulnerabilities in the IT stack.

After detecting the vulnerabilities in your complete IT stack, the ESOF Vulnerability Management Platform scans it and gives you prioritized accurate results. Also, it does penetration testing and provides a security posture assessment report. Automatically vulnerabilities remediation and allows rapid mitigation. It offers a Cyber Risk Score based on type, austerity, and the number of vulnerabilities found.

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