The majority of people with the proper guidance and the right nurturing would make good leaders.- Author and Leadership Consultant, Cyrus Gonda

Cyrus Gonda is a renowned author, his most recent being J.R.D. The Magic of Leadership, TATA joined T.A.C. Security Family for a Fireside chat at the Annual Town Hall. At the town hall, he narrated the instance as to how his recent book came about from being only 14 principles of leadership to 54 qualities that J.R.D. TATA had.

He proceeds to explain how all the qualities are allotted into four categories under the letter V, and that’s how the Kobe model came out. Vision, values, courage, and victory, each with many interesting stories. 

He goes on to share various instances and incidents related to the life of J.R.D. TATA and shared examples that motivated the team to teach multiple values. Important lessons included a reflection on how the TATA group has only had six chairpersons over its 170 years, making them the most successful visionaries in an empire. 

He also shares a world beyond formal education, even though it is essential how many great minds succeeded and learned from reading, being proactive, and having a hands-on experience than regular education. 

It is essential to be disciplined, stick to your values, and evolve as needed. All these qualities make a great leader and an even better organization.

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