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Our leaders share the unanimous goal of securing the cyberspace and that makes them unstoppable.

William H May

Director - North America

William H May is Director - North America at TAC Security.

William has been working in the Cyber Security and Information Technology industry for the past two decades. He is a global consulting and business transformation leader who grows, reinvents and optimizes business critical services and programs within and across enterprise environments. He has served as a Vice President at IBM for 15 Years.

William was also on board of Agile3 Solution, a Cyber Security firm acquired by IBM in Feb 2017. In 2017, William backed TAC Security and became the Director for the North American region.

Previous Experience - Agile3 Solution and IBM

Trishneet Arora
Founder, Director & CEO
Lt. General Iqbal Singh Singha
Director - Global & Govt. Affairs
"As we said in our 6th Annual General Meeting, TAC Security will go global in 2019, it's the best example of the remarks made by the CEO. Our first priority is client service and we are successful in helping Fortune 500 companies manage their vulnerabilities and such awards helps us to continue the support."

- William May, Director - North America

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