TAC Security

Leadership Team

Our leaders share the unanimous goal of securing the cyberspace and that makes them unstoppable.

Subinder Khurana

Board of Director

In 2016, Subinder Khurana backed TAC Security and joined the Board of Directors.

Mr. Khurana is an engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has worked globally with various multinational IT companies as an IT Business Analytics Professional. Prior to that he has worked as a Vice President with Cognizant. He was also Founder and CTO of EZPower Systems (now a part of Oracle), and the President of marketRx India (was acquired by Cognizant).

He is a Board Member of TiE Delhi, a member of NASSCOM Product Council, was earlier the Chairperson of the Entrepreneurship Nurturing Program at TiE and a NASSCOM-Emerge Mentor. He also founded NASSCOM DeepTech Club.

Previous Organizations - Cognizant, EZPower Systems and marketRX

Vijay Kedia
Board of Director/Investor
William H May
Director - North America
"TAC Security has become the most talked about cyber security company in the country's startup ecosystem."

-Subinder Khurana, Board of Director

Journey so far...

Mr. Khurana in a NASSOCAM workshop

Mr. Khurana in conversation with media

Mr. Khurana addressing TAC Security team during the company's 6th AGM

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