TAC Security’s VAPT Services: Comprehensive Security Testing for Businesses

Vulnerability assessment penetration testing services

In today’s digital age, businesses face numerous security threats that can harm their reputation, compromise their data, and lead to financial losses. To ensure the safety and security of their IT infrastructure, businesses need to conduct regular security assessments and testing. 

This is where TAC Security comes in. TAC Security is a leading provider of enterprise security solutions that specializes in Risk & Vulnerability Management. TAC Security’s VAPT services are designed to help businesses identify, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure. 

TAC Security’s VAPT services are designed to provide comprehensive security testing that covers both vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. TAC Security’s VAPT team performs in-depth scans and finds the problem that other pentesters generally miss out on. The VAPT service constantly evolves as TAC Security’s security professionals stay up-to-date with the latest vulnerabilities. 

By leveraging creative hacker knowledge, TAC Security’s VAPT experts beat hackers at their own game. They use their past pentest data to customize their scanner to work with your organization, making the process more efficient and effective. 

TAC Security’s VAPT services are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. TAC Security has secured top 10 Fortune 500 companies and two of the world’s largest governments. The company’s VAPT services are designed to comply with international standards and help businesses meet GDPR, CIS, ISO, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliance requirements. 

TAC Security’s VAPT services come with a collaborative dashboard that allows businesses to consistently cooperate with their team members, CXOs, and TAC Security’s security expertise. The dashboard provides clear, actionable steps in detecting and fixing vulnerabilities by working together seamlessly. CXOs and TAC Security’s security professionals consistently synergize with team associates from the user-friendly control panel. 

TAC Security’s VAPT services cover a range of security testing areas, including web app pentesting, server infrastructure testing and DevOps, network devices configuration, payment manipulation testing, and business logic testing. The company’s VAPT services examine a business’s cloud infrastructure for any defects that could allow malignant users to access the system and destroy the company’s reputation and customers’ trust. 

Overall, TAC Security’s VAPT services provide businesses with comprehensive security testing that covers both vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. By identifying, assessing, and remediating vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure, businesses can enhance their security posture, protect their reputation, and comply with international standards. 

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