TAC Security’s 9th Annual Town Hall 2022 Highlights

Glimpses of TAC Security Annual Town Hall  – 2022

Trishneet Arora –  Founder, Director, and Chief Executive Officer, TAC Security

TAC Security’s CEO, Trishneet Arora shared about the company’s achievements until now. TAC Security’s CEO shared the company’s achievements for the year FY 21-22 at the 9th Annual Town Hall. After featuring in Fortune 40 Under 40  for the second time, he also announced the unending list of accolades honored to him and the company throughout the year and the strategies for the way forward.

TAC Security has won more than 100 Awards globally in FY 21-22, including; Company of the Year, Startup of the Year, and Great Manager Company by GMI association with Forbes. 

TAC Security has also partnered with 21 global partners from 9 countries, including: Google, IBM, Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, Data Guard, Protiviti and more. 

Trishneet Arora ended by sharing the revenue growth, new clients, new products, and leadership team for the year.

Lt Gen Chief Rajesh Pant –  National Cybersecurity Coordinator of India, Govt of India

At TAC Security’s 9th Annual Town Hall, we had the honour of the National Cybersecurity coordinator Chief, Lt General Rajesh Pant joining us and commending TAC security on the global recognition it has been receiving. 

He also complimented TAC Security’s vision and drive to create intelligent cybersecurity products that are state of the art and allow organizations to have unique abilities that ensure the best possible cybersecurity process and levels. 

In the end, he quoted that the best mantra for NCCC, which every cybersecurity company should keep in mind while securing cyberspace; Personal Hygiene and Digital Hygiene.

Vijay Kedia –  Director and Investor

At the Annual Town Hall, Our honorable investor Mr. Vijay Kedia  shared his experience in a Fireside Chat along with Founder Trishneet Arora. They talked about their journey of TAC Security and its growth over the years in the cybersecurity industry. When asked about his success mantra from Vijay Kedia, he credited knowledge, vision, timing, and risk-taking capacity as the main aspects to be successful in life.

He also encouraged the employees to live their lives with work. If one works and balances quality time between passion and family, one is successful in their  industry.

Kedia also shared his thoughts on Founder Trishneet Arora’s Aim 2025 for TAC Security, to read click here.

Bharat Panchal – Board of Directors, TAC Security

In 2013, Bharat Panchal met Trishneet Arora at a conference in Hyderabad for the first time and today he sits on the Board of Directors helping TAC Security to shape its future globally. 

He shared that he was proud of Trishneet Arora, a leader with a strong vision for the future, and he gratefully credited TAC Security employees for making the vision possible because of their hard work.

He sees TAC Security’s commitment, delivery of products, quality, security, and business integrity as outstanding over the 9 year long journey of the company.

Chris Fisher – Chief Marketing Officer, TAC Security

A company’s culture and how its employees interact with customers are important factors when building a brand. Chris Fisher at the Annual Town Hall shares how TAC Security has world-class solutions and products which allow us to offer full cycle vulnerability management, a one of a kind in the industry.

The company is poised for rapid growth, around the world and ready to grow. 

Lt. Gen Iqbal Singh Singha – Director, Global and Government Affairs, TAC Security 

Our Director of Global and Government Affairs, Lt. General Iqbal Singh Singha, shared his experience of working with TAC Security, a world renowned brand along with various governments across the globe who are working closely with TAC Security to Build CyberSecurity’s Future. 

He also reminded us that to stay relevant, we have to grow and evolve everyday by learning and motivating us by ensuring that the sky is not the limit for us. 

Milind Mungale: Director, Protean InfoSec Services Limited (A TAC Security Partner)

Director of Protean Infosec Services Limited, Mr. Milind Mungale recollected facing issues in periodic assessments of their IT Infrastructure and how difficult it used to be for them to analyze at the end of the year. He then shared how ESOF helped them to streamline their processes, making those yearly assessments a breeze. 

Milind Mungale then shared their reason to partner with TAC Security is their experience as a customer and they believed the world needed a product like ESOF to allow organizations to improve their cybersecurity postures. ESOF would change the security industry at an more affordable and accessible product for the businesses. He also discusses the benefits of a platform-based assessment tool and finds it cost-effective and easy to use, making it excellent for organizations.

Cyrus Gonda: Author and Leadership Consultant 

Cyrus Gonda is a renowned author who has written many books, his most recent work being a book about J.R.D. Tata. He shared the story and process of the book and. His leadership book contains the essential 53 qualities which a leader should have. 

He then delved deeper into the 5 V’s a leader should posses and shared various motivating instances and stories from the great industrialists life.

Rannvijay Singh Singha: Youth Icon, VJ, actor, and Investor

Ranvijay Singh Singha, a well-known face of television, has a conversation with TAC Security in ATH 2022. Here he describes what the leaders are, the quality of leaders and the kind of influence he has grown up with.

He shares it easier to choose someone inspiring around you as it allows one to pick their brains in any situation than fantasizing. For leadership, he states that a person has to be good at their job to be a good leader, though the chances are that they might be or might not be aware of their leadership qualities. So, one must integrate themselves to be a good leader. 

Nimish Choudhary – Chief Financial Officer, TAC Security

CFO, Nimish Choudhary announced that the company has restructured entirely across the globe and is growing rapidly while entering new markets. With the industry being a $200 Billion dollar market, TAC has vast opportunities to grab.

He shared the recent policies and committees introduced to improve and empower the team and work space. Overall the organization is working to strengthen Corporate Governance.

David Elkins – Director, Enterprise Business, TAC Security

Director of Enterprise Business, David Elkins is based out of our US Headquarters. He shared his experience working in the IT industry and gaining the right vision. ESOF is a next generation cybersecurity product and will be the game changer in the industry and he is excited to be a part of the growth story.

He stated that he learned that it was essential to concentrate on the procedure rather than the outcomes of his career. Being in the cybersecurity field is not an easy thing and a company has to face so many challenges. Furthermore, he shares  that to make TAC Security successful, teamwork is the way. 

 ‘If you want to go far, you must go together.’

Ian Hess – Security Program Consultant, TAC Security

ESOF is on the path to become Google of Cybersecurity in a few years, the technology we have built and the roadmap, I am confident we will not have competition in the Vulnerability Management. 

The event also saw various statistics, future plans, announcements of new strategies, accolades won over the year and awards for the team.

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