ESOF’s Vulnerability Management and Response Capacity Taken to the Next Level

With everyday emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities, it has become challenging for an enterprise’s security teams to continuously investigate the developments of cyber attacks with a visionary approach to respond and mitigate them before the IT network gets intruded.

While organizations diligently work on protecting the growing hybrid IT environments, many of them are unable to provide targeted and personalized responses to the ever-increasing extent of vulnerabilities that knowingly/unknowingly invades the network infrastructure and applications.

A survey conducted by TAC Security questioning a stack of IT security leaders upon the strength of their overall security posture reveals that most of the proportion isn’t sure whether their deployed risk and vulnerability management systems are full-proof in securing their business IT landscape. 

They state that they are ‘somewhat confident’ and ‘somewhat satisfied’ about their security software to safeguard their digital assets from the internet’s prevalent cyber dangers and malicious activities.

The incompetence of the IT administrators with the latest software vulnerability management tools is marked red which indicates that a business is at a huge risk to encounter potential network vulnerabilities that can adversely affect the confidentiality and integrity of their services while failing to secure customer data.

Breaking the traditional norms and redefining the approach to address vulnerability management and response, TAC Security introduced a much-advanced software platform ESOF VMDR (a modern version of ESOF) that prioritizes vulnerability management and risk response with asset, risk, and threat intelligence facilitating power cyber resilience to business to reduce their attack surface in real-time.

ESOF VMDR’s Reliability to Vulnerability Management and Response

Remediation vulnerability management – Vulnerability remediation is the patching or fixing of cybersecurity weaknesses that are detected in enterprise assets, networks and applications. Enterprise Security in One Framework for Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (ESOF VMDR) is an AI-powered next-gen vulnerability management solution to manage the digital age’s budding cyber vulnerabilities and attacks and designed to cover the incapabilities of the existing risk and vulnerability management software systems.

The single view platform of recognizing the status of the security posture helps to detect, assess, prioritize, remediate and recover risks in real-time, thus, allowing IT teams to picture the entire state of the security of the IT landscape all in a single app view.

The all-in-one vulnerability management platform of ESOF VMDR is a transformation to the existing product ESOF that strengthens a business’s network security from known/unknown threats via cyber visibility backed up threat intelligence and ML-powered algorithms and, thus, facilitates prompt responses and recovery.

Where many systems fail to recognize whether their data is at risk of breach and are powerless to review the state of risk and vulnerability assessment, communication, mitigation, and recovery, ESOF VMDR discovers, examines, auto-prioritize, and remediate the risks found out of comprehensive scans, asset-wise before business data falls prey to exploitation or breach.

The software provides an extended approach to reliable vulnerability response via its latest and updated features:

#Recognize Potential Risk Exposure in Real-Time

The ESOF VMDR software application offers a 360-degree view of the probable risks that pose threat to the IT infrastructure by discovering and analyzing the AI-enabled scans run on each asset of the organization. 

The severity level of risks associated with each asset is auto-prioritized using asset, severity, exploit and threat intelligence. 

The ESOF Response feature enables the IT administrators to apply filters as per their vulnerability searches and get a sorted list tagged with options like severity, asset type, source type, and group type. This makes it easy and convenient for them to communicate risks to the teams in the form of legible reports that are comprehensive and insightful.

#Software Exposure Assessment

The dynamic algorithms that facilitate comprehensive system scans that track vulnerable assets and risks associated with software systems across global IT environments and coordinate remediation, providing detailed insights to the security teams regarding prioritization, mitigation, and other prompt actions required immediately to fill the gaps.

The AI-powered application allows teams to Accurately assess exposure to new vulnerabilities and manage remediation workflows proactively.

#Respond to Critical and Urgent Vulnerabilities Instantly

Effective remediation of risks with accurately discovered and assessed data, auto-prioritized vulnerabilities leads way to effective actions to be taken on exploitable risks by the security leaders.

ESOF VMDR allows detecting the latest superseding patches for all possible and potential vulnerabilities linked to the digital assets, thus, applying remediation responses immediately to tighten the loose nuts even before they can be apprehended. 

#Continuous Monitoring 

ESOF VMDR doesn’t stop execution after processing remediation for the found risks and vulnerabilities but is active 24*7 to dynamically update cyber risk scores and prioritization, enabling continuous monitoring of the security posture to fix flaws, expedite remediation, and strengthen the overall asset security.

Reinforce Security Strength to Vulnerability Management and Response via ESOF VMDR!

ESOF VMDR is a robust tech-supported cybersecurity solution with next-gen execution abilities to orchestrate risks and vulnerabilities of this modern age. In the age of zero trust, ESOF VMDR becomes a reliable application to trust over discovering, assessing, prioritizing, mitigating, and recovering from cyber attacks at an economical investment.

Switch to EOSF VMDR for 

Accurate discovery, effective assessment, auto-prioritization, and assured remediation of critical cyber vulnerabilities encountered within your hybrid IT network.

Try ESOF VMDR to Manage your entire IT Infrastructure on a Single Platform.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

ESOF’s Vulnerability Management and Response Capacity Taken to the Next Level
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ESOF’s Vulnerability Management and Response Capacity Taken to the Next Level
Remediation vulnerability management - Vulnerability remediation is the patching or fixing of cybersecurity weaknesses that are detected in enterprise assets, networks and applications.
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TAC Security
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