ESOF People:  Manage People’s Security Along with your Asset Vulnerabilities

Ways of living and working have drastically changed since we witnessed the global pandemic of COVID-19. In particular, the transition towards working remotely and continuing it to date has raised the count of cyberattacks that pose potential threats to the cyber world.

Phishing is one of the cyber-attacks whose evolution highly depends on how people, employees, and leaders react to the fraudulent attempts of phishing emails. The rise of phishing attacks is generally due to the inabilities of participants to detect modern phishing email attacks, despite deploying the latest email settings.

If we go by the real statistics based on a survey conducted by TAC Security where main participants included security leaders and IT administrators of diverse organizations, we found that these responsible IT individuals were not confident but often dissatisfied with the current technologies and tools being used to protect them against cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, when asked about how much faith they have in their software systems in recognizing and addressing the highest risk vulnerabilities, they were least confident about their vulnerability management tools. They had weak identification, analysis, communication, and remediation of risks like phishing attacks.

Emails have become more vital than they were ever before and it totally depends on the company’s employees and staff to deal wisely with any kind of email received on professional email accounts.

With genuine email communications, come phishing emails that persuade users to click on fraudulent links, malicious download attachments, or urge them to provide sensitive information that becomes a severe threat to the IT landscape of a business.

Considering the present-day status of phishing attacks, the ESOF VMDR platform of vulnerability management is updated with the ESOF People feature that allows client admin to use it to view and identify phishing attacks for an organization.

ESOF VMDR Ensures Asset Security Aligned with People’s Security

ESOF VMDR embeds an in-built phishing tool that is used to detect phishing attacks within an enterprise and is highly capable of evaluating the level of security knowledge of personnel, thus, keeping a laser focus on the possible vulnerabilities found at the user’s/employee’s end.

The software is not only designed to scan for asset vulnerabilities within the entire business network but also is crafted to manage unknown risks that may emerge due to people’s negligence, ignorance, or inadequate knowledge possessed over phishing emails and data security.

The AI-enabled software allows creating custom phishing email campaigns that help the security leaders to test the knowledge of internal employees and know how much they are aware of detecting and reacting to fraudulent emails. 

The email can be sent in the name of the company to assess the awareness levels of staff members while creating bespoke phishing campaigns from within the software. The ESOF People feature provides the admin team with a calculated score, i.e. People Score, based on the analysis of the percentage of people who revealed private business data and reacted unexpectedly to the customized email phishing campaign.

This People Score is a figure displayed based on the type of information shared and cumulative count of people who shared the data and is valuable to the administrators to take timely actions against these groups of people who may intentionally/unintentionally fail to safeguard crucial enterprise information.

After running a campaign, the results will be shown on the console page where users can see real-time data coming for messages delivered, messages blocked, clicks permitted, clicks blocked. 

Go to People > Proof point > Console 

Detailed results are delivered in near real-time. Results can be exported for use in reports. This page shows the results of the individual campaign in which you will see the detail of emails sent, opened, clicked link, submitted data, email reported. Also, details of each campaign are viewed with the user’s first name, last name, email id, position, status.

For creating the campaigns, Phish-Infielder (now ESOF People) allows the admin to begin with creating the following mandatory items for running campaigns. 

– Sending Profiles 

– Email Templates

– Landing Pages 

– User & Groups

– Campaign

Switch to ESOF VMDR!

To combat phishing attacks, ESOF VMDR acts as a modern defense system for all types of risks and vulnerabilities that pose great threats to the entire IT business infrastructure. 

The single app solution manages asset security and people security in parallel, presenting a new approach to transform the way of orchestrating risk-based vulnerability assessment and management in the age of zero trust.

Try ESOF VMDR to Manage your entire IT Infrastructure on a Single Platform.

It’s time to switch to ESOF VMDR, today!

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